LeBron James gives up on play during game (Video)

LeBron James gives up on play during game (Video)


LeBron James gives up on play during game (Video)


LeBron James is now 34 years old, and keeping his body in shape is extremely important, especially since he’s the lone superstar on the Lakers’ roster right now.

James suffered a groin injury during the team’s Christmas Day game against the Warriors, and it doesn’t appear that he’s fully recovered from it as of yet. He’s not driving the lane as often as he used to, and he was also seen taking a play off during Thursday’s game against the Rockets.

Lakers guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope attempted a shot at one point during the game, which came up a bit short. It clanged off the rim, and likely would’ve been an easy offensive rebound for James. He was standing underneath the hoop, but as soon as Caldwell-Pope’s shot went up, he stopped fighting for position, and just stood there, even as the ball landed in his vicinity.

It’s a bit early in the team’s 2018-19 campaign to be taking plays off, especially since Thursday’s game was the Lakers’ first contest since the All-Star break.

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