Chad Johnson saves a fan from getting evicted

Chad Johnson saves a fan from getting evicted


Chad Johnson saves a fan from getting evicted


Chad Johnson (aka Ochocinco) may be the best person to follow on Twitter nowadays.

Remember when plenty of NFL fans hated former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson because he was too cocky for his own good? Apparently, Johnson (also known as ‘Ochocinco’) only cared about himself. Well, at the time I guess that’s debatable. Nowadays though, Johnson can’t stop giving back to those who support him.

For the last few years now, Johnson has been a great famous athlete to follow on Twitter. Seeing as though he was one of the most entertaining players in league with his confidence, high energy, and hilarious celebrations, it comes as no surprise that naturally Johnson is a funny guy. I mean, even through text he’s entertaining, which is always plus for those who you follow.

However, Johnson’s jokes on Twitter isn’t what makes him perhaps the best follow on social media nowadays. It’s the fact that Johnson wakes up in the morning and decides that he just wants to randomly give back.

Some days, you could pop on Twitter and see Johnson ask “Who wants money?” It sounds unbelievable. But trust me, it’s real. And recently, Johnson decided to save one of his fans from an unfortunate living situation this past week, thanks to his desire to continually give back.

Chad Johnson comes to the rescue

While asking how everybody’s Friday’s is going, a follower of Ochocinco’s decided to let him know that he was facing eviction. In other words, his Friday was going pretty bad. So naturally, Johnson was ready to take care of this guys situation. All he needed was some proof, then Johnson would send him the money to get this fan back on his feet.

And what do you know? The former Bengals wideout came through. Next thing you know, this guy’s got $1,500 in his PayPal account to take care of his situation. After that, we have to assume that Johnson is going to get all of the good karma coming his way soon. Well done, sir.

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