Gameday 62: Stadium Series

Gameday 62: Stadium Series


Gameday 62: Stadium Series




8:00 PM EST. NBC

There’s a lot of shit throughout a hockey season. This year being a Pens fan can feel like Jon Snow watching over Castle Black waiting for the next assault that the Blog Boys TM must dispatch without prejudice.

The team is battling for a playoff spot and marred with inconsistent play on the back end. The Jack Johnson contract is the worst in hockey and the GM continues to publicly litigate it.

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Portions of the online fanbase have tried to blame this on our franchise goalie, prompting 1,800 very good pieces from Jeff. The team got it’s ass kicked on Thursday. Things have been rough around here.

But not today.

Today is about everything that is good about hockey season. Yes, everything I said above is still true. But today we play outside. Today we play our most hated rival in the worst city in the world. Today is about cracking cold ones all day, pounding them down, and yelling LETS GO PENS at the top of your god damn lungs.

For one day, all that matters is kicking the shit out of the Flyers. I don’t need anything more than that to be fired up for tonight.


Carter Fart out tonight.

Big Murr in the cage.

The weather report looks a little more encouraging at the moment. About a 40% chance of precipitation around gametime. Should be about 40 degrees.

We are down to 20 hockey games left in the 2018-2019 season. The stretch run is officially upon us, and it starts tonight in front of 70,000 hostiles. Sounds like a hell of a way to start a 20 game win streak.

Buckle the fuck up.

Do it.

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