How To Watch Oscars Red Carpet Show 2019 Live Stream Online

How To Watch Oscars Red Carpet Show 2019 Live Stream Online


How To Watch Oscars Red Carpet Show 2019 Live Stream Online



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Just a few hours left for the most significant Oscar Red Carpet announcement 2019. You can get full streaming options to watch the nomination ceremony online. The live coverage starts at 6 PM. ET. At the beginning of the year, the film industry is brought to life, because of the Oscar buzz. Perhaps one of the most prominent awards in the showbiz industry. We are eagerly waiting to see the program this year, and we will help you to view the 2019 Oscars online. The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, were held for the first time in 1929,  and less than 300 people were present then. Nowadays, it is a big event.

On February 24, 2019, the 91st Oscar Awards ceremony will be held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles. However, this program was to be presented by Kevin Hart, but a series of homophobic tweets came up from his past, the actor turned down the proposal. In spite of many efforts made to change the mind of the Academy and Hart from many areas, it seems that there is no turning back on this decision. The problem is that it’s still undecided as to who will host the show?. There will be an update on this regard soon.

Oscars red carpet live stream

Oscar Awards Red Carpet live streaming 2019 free channels

The Oscars Red Carpet are streamed across the world, which means there are a lot of viewers that will also enjoy the show online. You should be able to find a local channel that streams the Oscars online, depending on where you live. You can see the entire list of broadcasters for the Oscars. For e.g., ABC has the telecast rights in the United States, while in the UK they have got Sky and in Australia, it’s the Nine Network telecasting the Oscars.

One of the ways you can watch the Oscars is by subscribing to a streaming service. There are a lot of services in the United States, where cable charges are high, and you can easily enjoy them. The good thing about this kind of services is that you can watch the Oscars from wherever you are, you should just have an Internet connection and a device that is compatible.

How to watch Academy Awards Red Carpet live stream 2019?

The red carpet show will be available live on both ABC and E!. The pre-show begins from 6.30 PM ET. Maria Menounos, Ashley Graham, Billy Porter, and Elaine Welteroth will host the Red carpet show on ABC. E!’s pre-coverage begins from 1 PM ET. You can also download the official E! app to watch on mobiles.

So, let’s see what your options to live stream Oscars Red Carpet online are.

Sling TV

First up is the Sling TV. The service offers quite a long list of customizations you can make. First, you have to pick one of the three starter bundles – Orange ($25/month), Blue ($25/month), and Orange + Blue ($40/month). Then, depending on your interests, you can go ahead and add extra channel packs or premium networks.

The thing is that Sling TV manages to offer such low prices because there are not many local channels available. CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and others are missing. ABC used to be part of a specific bundle, but it was only available in select cities.


Next up, we have got Hulu, where you can watch the Oscars, which is more of a video-on-demand service. For some time now, there is also a live TV plan, which costs $ 39.99 per month and gives users access to dozens of channels.

There are also some additional channel packs, from which you can get your subscription customized to the premium network. There is a list of channels existing on Hulu with access to ABC so that you can enjoy the Oscars quite easily.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another good option to watch the Oscars. YouTube TV provides a bundle of channels at $ 40 per month, it appears that they have found out which channels people want to see. The only way to optimize your experience is to add some premium networks to the mix.

Thankfully, ABC is also part of the list of channels offered by the service, so you’re all set to watch the Oscars this year if you subscribe to the platform. Check out the YouTube TV for more info before making a decision.

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