Best Fat Burners for Women

Best Fat Burners for Women


Best Fat Burners for Women


Let’s talk weight loss.

Here’s the bad news for us women: it’s far easier for us to put weight on – and much harder for us to lose it again – than it is for men. The struggle is real.

It is also scientifically proven that women snack more than men and find it harder to control it. My fridge would testify to that if it was able to talk.

So, if you’re trying your best to lose those extra kilos and nothing’s happening, you’d surely appreciate a helping hand.

One that can tackle cravings and reduce your appetite. And help you burn more fat at the same time. Heck, yes please!

You need a fat burner. A good one. A fat burner that is safe, scientifically researched and includes only the best ingredients at clinically effective dosages.

And we are happy to recommend one that we think fits the bill perfectly. It’s called Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner

Why Use a Fat Burner? 

A good fat burner will help to:

-Suppress your appetite and reduce those diet-destroying cravings

-Boost your metabolism so you burn more calories, day and night

-Burn fat faster than you would otherwise

-Give you an energy bump so you can work out more effectively and for longer.

If you’re new to fat burners, you’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true. Surely, it can’t be that easy can it…?

Well, no it isn’t. Fat burners are NOT magic pills. They won’t do anything unless you also put in the work. So, if you don’t intend to diet and exercise, if you’re not committed to maintaining a calorie deficit in order to lose those kilos, don’t waste your money.

You’ll lose nothing but dollars. If you are determined to work hard, however, a fat burner like Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner can help to put you over the edge.

How Fat Burners Work 

The idea behind a fat burner is to boost your metabolism, to speed it up via thermogenesis – raising the body’s temperature so it burns more calories.

By increasing the metabolism, the body will burn more calories when working out, sitting still, sleeping, when doing pretty much anything.

Best Ingredients for Thermogenesis: Cayenne pepper or Capsaicin, green tea extract, green coffee extract.

Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner’s thermogenic ingredient of choice is cayenne pepper – the only non-stimulant among this list (the rest contain caffeine).

Cayenne pepper is the only one of these three that can guarantee thermogenesis without messing with your sleep or adversely affecting your metabolism. A big thumbs up from us.

Tip: Stim fat burners are packed with caffeine. Which can lead to light-headedness, jitters and unwanted energy crashes.

And – bonus! – Cayenne pepper has also been shown to suppress appetite, helping you to handle the cravings that all too often ruin our best intentions.

More Calories Burned + Less Calories Eaten = Calorie Deficit = Fat Loss 


Here’s where Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner really comes into its own. While most fat burners work via thermogenesis, this fat burner has an added benefit – it is especially designed for fasting.

Most women prefer to lose weight via dieting and restricting their food intake but end up losing muscle as well as body fat. That’s not a good thing for future weight loss and health. Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is committed to helping you burn those calories while maintaining your muscle mass, and helping you tone at the same time. It’s a double whammy.

Other Natural Ways to Burn Fat

As well as using a fat burner, there are other natural ways to burn fat, including:

-Strength training. Including lifting weights to build up your lean muscle mass. One 12-week study showed that strength training paired with aerobic exercise burned more body and belly fat than aerobic exercise alone. Another demonstrated that 10 weeks of strength training could increase calories burned at rest by 7%.

A high-protein diet. This will help you to feel fuller and reduce appetite. It can also help preserve muscle mass and metabolism.

More sleep.Sleeping at least seven hours a night can help with weight loss. In one study, quality sleep increased the chances of weight loss in dieters by 33%.

Eating more fiber. Promotes satiety and reduces appetite. Eating 14g more fiber a day resulted in 10% less calories eaten.

Intermittent fasting. One study shows that alternate day fasting over 3-12 weeks reduced body weight by 7% and body fat by 5.5kilos. And, of course, it works perfectly with Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner.

What to Avoid in a Fat Burner

It shouldn’t be allowed, but there are some unscrupulous supplement manufacturers out there who chase customers without really caring about safety. That’s the only reason we can think of for deliberately using ingredients that are downright dangerous in some cases.

Avoid any fat burners with ephedra (banned in the U.S.), bitter orange (Synephrine – similar to ephedra, branded ‘possibly unsafe’ in supplements by WebMD), DMAE (causes headaches, sleep issues) and DMAA (narrows the arteries).

Ditto avoid any product that hides behind the old cliché of being a ‘proprietary blend’. They’ll tell you that their product is so super effective that they don’t want their competitors to know their formula. It means they can – and do – hide their exact ingredients and, crucially, dosages. Meaning you have no way of knowing if a product has 100mg of caffeine, for instance, or 1mg of caffeine. And no clue as to how well it may work.

As you would expect from a product we recommend, Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is upfront with its ingredients and dosages. Allowing you to judge for yourself.

Our Criteria 

In case you’re wondering about our criteria in selecting our favorite fat burner for women, we looked for:

A reputable manufacturer. Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is made by Opti-Nutra, a respected company in the supplement field. Its entire Performance Lab range has received numerous plaudits from customers, bloggers and experts alike.

Effectiveness. We want to know our preferred fat burner works, and Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner certainly does that. Well-chosen ingredients (more on that shortly) in clinically effective dosages… you can’t go wrong.

Safety. Yes, we want the Holy Grail of fat burners… safety and effectiveness combined. No risky stimulants for us. We like our sleep, thank you very much. Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is a clean supplement; it contains no stimulants, and is GMO, soy and gluten-free. No artificial additives either, natural and vegan-friendly. A great pedigree

Appropriate for women. This doesn’t mean a supplement has to be pink. Or have a title that plays on the words, ‘woman’, ’her’ or ‘female’ – although there are some decent fat burners around that do that. To be female-friendly, a fat burner must have ingredients that work well with a woman’s physiology.

Likewise, as we know snacking is an issue for many of us, we’d like to see it addressing appetite and cravings. The cayenne pepper in Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner does exactly that, making it ideal for women.

As is its emphasis on fasting. Intermittent fasting is becoming one of the most popular effective ways to lose weight. Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner has the perfect ingredients to support that.

Tip: Incorporating an intermittent fasting diet on your fat-burning mission can help you get the toned physique you’re looking for.

Talking of ingredients… Let’s see exactly what is in Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner.

Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner Ingredients 

HMB, (β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate, 1000mg)

Here’s where Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner’s emphasis on fasting comes from. HMB is a leucine metabolite, known to prevent muscle breakdown. Fasting of any kind can be great for fat loss but also tends to destroy muscle as well, no matter how much exercise you do.  

You want to keep as much lean muscle as possible because it helps to further boost your metabolic rate, meaning you can burn even more calories when at rest. It also helps you achieved the toned figure of your dreams.

HMB can help you do that. It helps reduce damage to the muscles during fasted training, encourages the body to use fat for fuel rather than muscle and helps your exercise endurance by delaying the lactic acid build-up in the muscles which causes fatigue and soreness.

It’s a genius ingredient in a fat burner. Allowing you to lose weight while retaining muscle.

Here’s why it’s also perfect for women – HMB is anti-catabolic, which means its main function is to preserve muscle rather than building it. So, you’ll retain your lean muscle but won’t bulk up, helping you to obtain a feminine but toned physique.

Coleus Forskohlii (Forslean®, 250mg)

A traditional Ayurvedic herb, this version of Coleus Forskohlii is extensively studied and shown to also preserve lean muscle mass while aiding fat loss.

Unlike HMB, however, it works via regulating certain hormones in the body (particularly through the thyroid) to boost the metabolism and encourage the preservation of muscle. It makes a nice complement to HMB.

Early research also shows that it can help you to burn fat faster.

Cayenne Pepper Extract, Capsimax® (50mg)

We already know this little genius ingredient can help to spark thermogenesis and suppress the appetite. That’s thanks to the capsaicinoids within it, the substance that ‘tickles’ your nervous system.

It’s a potent thermogenic ingredient that can boost the number of calories burned during the day and night, but especially during exercise. Because don’t forget, you should be working out when taking fat burners too.

Black Pepper Extract, BioPerine, 2.5 mg

Another ingredient that can encourage thermogenesis, BioPerine does double duty – it also helps the body to absorb the other ingredients in Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner, making them more potent.

Better Absorption = Faster Acting + Better Results (H3)

So, there you have it. A perfect fat burner for women. Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner helps you to:

-Burn more calories
-Lose weight
-Maintain lean muscle
-Become toned
-Create only as much muscle as you need, no bulking up for you
-Optimize your thyroid hormones
-Boost your endurance in the gym

WORTH NOTING: Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner has been specially designed to work alongside other useful supplements in the Performance Lab range. Such as its women-specific Whole-Food Multivitamin and its other sports supplements, including Performance Lab SPORT Pre-and Post-workouts and Performance Lab SPORT BCAA.

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