Cody Rhodes Reveals What Weekly AEW TV Could Look Like And Why Arn Anderson's WWE Release 'Blows His Mind'

Cody Rhodes Reveals What Weekly AEW TV Could Look Like And Why Arn Anderson's WWE Release 'Blows His Mind'

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Cody Rhodes Reveals What Weekly AEW TV Could Look Like And Why Arn Anderson's WWE Release 'Blows His Mind'


With the announcement of All Elite Wrestling back on New Year’s Eve, the promotion looks ahead to its anticipated debut PPV, Double Or Nothing, taking place on May 25th in Las Vegas.

AEW’s Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Pro Wrestling Sheet on a number of AEW related topics, and also spoke about WWE releasing backstage producer and Hall of Famer Arn Anderson last week. Below are some interview highlights, and you can check out the full interview in the above video player.

On possibly needing bigger venues for AEW events in the future:

I’m always the pessimist in the group and it’s funny because on-screen occasionally I’m the least pessimistic, but in reality I wasn’t sure. Vegas is a tough market … you’re relying on a lot of people to travel in. And one of the things that’s kinda out there in the news that I don’t mind talking about that’s real exciting is that there was 40 something thousand people who signed up for the pre-sale, and most wrestling fans don’t just buy a single ticket, that really put some confidence in me. Made my heart swell up in terms of folks putting their trust in us. We want to take that and reward them. I know it shifted, we pivoted plans on a few things because of just the number itself. Perhaps in the steps we take next, maybe a bigger venue.

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On The Elite Being Aware of Criticism Towards Wrestlers Running Their Own Promotion:

We’re aware at that criticism and I think we think of it as a complete positive. We love our industry. This is our life’s work. We put such an interest in the creative in providing the sports-centric program. But getting back down to the idea of the startup and the day-to-day, one thing we’re really really fortunate for is Tony’s team of business contacts he’s accrued over the years and his team — we share some folks with the Jacksonville Jaguars — we’ve been able to, in startup mode, share some of their resources and my gosh … not only are these great people, but they’re the top in their field. They’ve been incredibly helpful for us.

What a weekly AEW TV series could look like and if it might be similar to Being The Elite:

When I look at “Road to Double or Nothing” or I look at BTE, those are the mediums we’re heading into Double or Nothing with. And if they’re working, then we should continue something in that vein. So if we get to the situation you’re talking about, weekly TV, we want to stick with what works and we want to appeal to the fans who have put their trust in us. And a lot of fans have. That to me is really important. So to answer your question, I could see those being a big part of AEW.

Photo: Al Powers for MGM Grand

On Arn Anderson’s WWE release:

I’m just shocked because the entire current top talent at WWE — Seth Rollins, John Cena, Brock (even), Charlotte — I mean everybody in the “golden circle,” is an Arn guy or girl. I feel like that just blows my mind. I’ll see where the story goes … Arn Anderson is a gift to this industry. He’s not corporate, he’s a wrestler, but you cannot take wrestlers out of the wrestling business. Especially because he was so instrumental too … my mind is blown.

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