Josh Rosen is the Cardinals' quarterback 'right now'

Josh Rosen is the Cardinals' quarterback 'right now'

Arizona Cardinals

Josh Rosen is the Cardinals' quarterback 'right now'


Are the Arizona Cardinals that serious about keeping Josh Rosen on board?

How much do the Arizona Cardinals love their 2018 first-round pick, Josh Rosen? Not that much, apparently. Just last year, the Cardinals needed to make a decision at the quarterback position. With a handful of potential franchise quarterbacks on the board in the first round of the draft, Arizona knew they had to take a chance on somebody.

Well, that somebody ended up being UCLA’s, Josh Rosen. Not only did the Cardinals have Rosen, but they also issued veteran quarterback Sam Bradford a $20 million deal. If you could tell, the Cardinals’ judgment at quarterback based off that decision to overpay Bradford alone is not a very good look. Now, it seems like they are questioning their decision to choose Rosen in the first round of the draft.

Could Rosen seriously be on his way out?

As the Cardinals brought in a new head coach this year in Kliff Kingsbury, everybody automatically assumed that there had to be some interest in a different quarterback. Apparently, Kingsbury loves Oklahoma’s, Kyler Murray. Seeing as though Murray could be available in the first round for the Cardinals to take, it wouldn’t be that shocking if Rosen gets traded on or before draft day.

The Cardinals called the bluff of the public and tried to make it known that they committed to Rosen. But guess what? They are doing a horrible job at it. As team representatives are in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, there’s plenty of interviews going down to see where some organizations are at heading into the crucial part of the offseason.

Naturally, Cardinals’ general manager Steve Keim was asked about the Cardinals’ commitment on Rosen, and Keim makes it known that Rosen is their quarterback. But it’s not about what he said. It’s about how he said it.

“Right now, for sure.”

Yes, right now, Rosen is the quarterback of the Cardinals. But what about when the draft rolls around, Steve? Will Josh Rosen be the quarterback then? At this point, it’s pretty evident that the Cardinals are unsure about the future of the quarterback position. With Rosen having more downs than ups in his rookie season, they could be ready to give up on him already.

Keim could’ve said, “Rosen is our quarterback” and left it at that, and it would be more believable. The extra wording though, makes it quite apparent that there’s a possibility that Rosen won’t be in Arizona for that much longer if the right trade offer comes their way.


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