Wednesday Grab Bag 2.27

Wednesday Grab Bag 2.27


Wednesday Grab Bag 2.27


Welcome back to the Grab Bag. As I’m sure you’re aware, none of the suggestions I had last week for trades came to fruition. I know you read this, GMJR, so first of all – how dare you?

Anyway, since we last spoke, the Pens took the first period off against the Sharks, sum of all fears happened in the Eagles stadium and despite our little brothers going for broke, the Pens took care of business in Lumbus.

They also shipped Tanner Pearson to Vancover for Erik Gudbranson and J.S. Dea to Florida for Chris Wideman. They’re bad trades, Bront.

So, with all that in mind, the Penguins are in the second wild card spot in the east and somehow only five points off the division lead. The season hinges on a razor’s edge. Buckle up for 19 games of hell.

Let’s get into it.


The Good

Mom’s Spaghetti?” Nah, Seth Jones’ mom was ready to drop bombs.

A Storm Surge at NC State? Sign me up.

Growing the sport is crucial and the Black Girls Hockey Club has a damn cool story.

The Bad

Daniel Carcillo’s mission and struggles are no secret anymore. However, he made it clear that while the Blackhawks may not be actively undermining him, they aren’t helping either.

You’re in first place, you spoiled babies. Grow up.

For being someone that wants head contact gone, I also realize a defenseman that is 6’9″(nice), is going to make contact simply because that’s how numbers work. Didn’t stop Evander Kane from filling his diaper.

The Ugly




Now that we are into 2019, this section now includes the wild card races. In the interest of fairness (and my sanity) the four teams in the race for wild card will be included. Full standings can be found here.


GP Wins Losses OT Points
NYI 62 36 19 7 79
WSH 64 36 21 7 79
CAR 63 34 23 6 74


GP Wins Losses OT Points
TB 63 48 11 4 100
BOS 63 37 17 9 83
TOR 62 38 20 4 80

Wild Card – Eastern Conference

GP Wins Losses OT Points
WC1 MTL 64 34 23 7 75
WC2 PIT 63 33 22 8 74
CBJ 62 35 24 3 73
PHI 63 30 26 7 67
BUF 63 29 26 8 66


GP Wins Losses OT Points
NSH 66 37 24 5 79
WPG 63 37 22 4 78
STL 63 34 23 6 74


GP Wins Losses OT Points
CGY 63 40 16 7 87
SJ 64 37 19 8 82
VGK 64 33 26 5 71

Wild Card – Western Conference

GP Wins Losses OT Points
WC1 MIN 64 31 27 6 68
WC2 DAL 63 31 27 5 67
COL 63 27 24 12 66
ARI 63 30 28 5 65
VAN 63 27 28 8 62

Player Statistics


Player Team GP Goals Assists Points
Nikita Kucherov TB 63 30 71 101
Patrick Kane CHI 62 39 54 93
Connor McDavid EDM 58 32 53 85
Nathan MacKinnon COL 62 32 48 80
Johnny Gaudreau CGY 63 30 50 80

Save Percentage

Goalie Team GP Save Percentage
Andrei Vasilevskiy TB 39 .930
Robin Lehner NYI 35 .930
Thomas Greiss NYI 31 .928
Jack Campbell LA 23 .927
Ben Bishop DAL 36 .925

What These Numbers Tell Us: A San Jose-Vegas first round matchup? Sign me right the hell up for that. Those two teams slugging it out for a round would be unreal hockey and I’d stay up to watch them play in Incorrect Standard Time.

Along with potential first round matchups, allow me to present, Pat Damp’s Dream Scenario: CBJ takes the second wild card. The Penguins take third in the Metro. Despite loading up at the deadline, CBJ takes on Tampa in round one and gets BOATRACED. You’d love to see it, wouldn’t you? If not, Pens-Jackets first round and we dispatch little brother in five.

Crazy how the Islanders lead the division and two of the best goalies around. Wild how a Trotz-coached team has that going for them again.

The Week Ahead

Ready for a big week? You better be. It may be only three games but they’re all gigantic as we start the post-deadline run.

Friday, the Pens take on the Sabres in Buffalo while currently holding an eight point cushion. The Sabres fell off a damn cliff despite a hot start to the season. Two more points and putting more separation between the basement and the wild card is huge.

Know Your Enemy: Sabre Noise

The very next night, it’s off to Montreal to take on the Canadiens who at the moment sit one point ahead of the Pens, holding the first wild card. Much like the Islanders, this looked like a season that wouldn’t be worth a damn, but with Carey Price being Carey Price and pieces like Max Domi and Tomas Tartar working out, they’re in the hunt.

Know Your Enemy: A Winning Habit

Finally, the week rounds out with the Florida Panthers coming to town. Brassard was traded to Colorado for what was essentially a bag of pucks (draft pick) and they sit well out of the playoffs. They’re hoping things go south in Columbus and Panarin and Bobrovsky head their way in free agency.

Know Your Enemy: Litter Box Cats

No two ways about it, huge six points to bank for a stretch run. All very winnable. See you on the other side.

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