Get Familiar with the Top Ten Fleet Management System Providers

Get Familiar with the Top Ten Fleet Management System Providers


Get Familiar with the Top Ten Fleet Management System Providers


The success in any business field is to invest in the latest technology to stay competitive in the market.  The most significant part of the technology revolution is the accessibility and availability factor. Businesses have the comfort of knowing they can buy, subscribe to high-end technology products or services without making huge investments. We have reached a time where technology has diminished the boundaries. The only thing separating the best from rest is the effective implementation of advanced technology products and services.

The commercial vehicle service providers are a good case study. They’ve subscribed to GPS services to enhance productivity, increase efficiency right from the beginning. Small businesses have been the biggest beneficiaries. They’ve been able to run operations with minimum supervision. The commercial vehicle tracking feature helps them to make accurate predictions while making important decisions. It saves them a lot of time and money. There are several fleet tracking systems available in the market. We’ll check the top ten service providers and what makes each one of them different from others.

1) US Fleet Tracking:

The US fleet tracking takes pride as the most successful and trusted brand in the market. The company offers two different plans: $29.95 and $39.95. The respective plans offer ten-second and five-second updates per tracker. Business can pay an additional $10 for battery-powered vehicles per tracker.

These plans include a list of features to ensure better tracking. Businesses can manage everything from mileage, number of stops, driving style (Rash driving), idling, speed alerts. The last 90-day option to check history helps owners to settle business-related disputes.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  1. a) Contract-free plans
  2. b) Anytime cancellation
  3. c) WEX fuel card link option
  4. d) Technical support
  5. e) Ignition updates
  6. f) Maintenance updates
  7. FleetGO:

They’ve built a brand image as the best last mile delivery expert. The company offers a simple dashboard to manage all transactions from one place. The analytics section helps businesses to continue making changes for better results. They’ve got the better of competition by making the whole process easier for drivers and customers.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  1. a) Real-time track system
  2. b) Automated texts to ensure the best customer service experience
  3. c) Option to integrate popular apps
  4. d) Extremely convenient, hassle-free process for drivers and customers

3) GeoTab:

The company philosophy to make security the top priority has made it a favourite service on the list. The company is committed to making roads safer for everyone. They follow a driver’s work hours (Work schedule) to comply with guidelines and thus, reducing the chances of accidents due to fatigue or lack of attention. You’ll get used to the system right from day one. You can install the system and learn to master it in no time.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  1. a) End-to-end security system
  2. b) Individual system and id
  3. c) A 3rd-party independent verification process
  4. d) Garmin integration

4) Director Fleet Software

The cloud-run tracking system for fleets of all sizes lends it a unique advantage. There are several top-notch features offered by Teletrac to its clients.

Some important points to keep in mind:  

  1. a) Geofencing
  2. b) Monitoring
  3. c) Real-time vehicle and driver updates etc
  4. d) Integration option
  5. e) Two-way message facility between drivers and dispatchers

5: Fleet Maintenance Pro:

The customer-centric support system has won rave reviews and recognition in the market. The fleet management software puts users in command to have a close eye on the proceedings.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  1. a) Inventory tracking of unlimited vehicles
  2. b) Preventive maintenance for in-time repair to avoid injuries or accidents
  3. c) Customized reports  

You need to pay a one-time amount for software. There are three different plans available.

  1. a) Standard ($499)
  2. b) Deluxe ($749 to $5,499)
  3. c) Shop  ($1,249 to $8,499)

6) Telematics:

TomTom’s fleet management system banks upon effective communication, environment-friendly and safe driving practices. The most striking aspect is you can access the service from any browser. The software as a Service set-up ensures you don’t run out of options, no matter what the situation is.

The company offer expert services in:

  1. a) Recovery, Towing
  2. b) Maintenance
  3. c) Logistics
  4. d) Passenger transport

7) Fleet Manager by GPSTracKIt

An open API option along with a host of features makes it a good deal. You’ll get a 30-day guarantee and 3-year warranty with monthly package of $23.95. Business owners don’t have to opt for a contract.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  1. a) Geofence breach updates
  2. b) Indefinite data coverage
  3. c) Automated schedule, report and dispatch
  4. d) Vehicle diagnostics, driver reports, maintenance reports
  5. e) Mobile solutions

8) Wialon:

Wialon offers software as a Service to add to its decorated list of features. The server-based version is another option. Business owners can also track the reports on mobile with Android and iOS apps available. The company has established itself as a pioneer in customer support through round-the-clock technical assistance. The dynamic fleet management system and contract-free services make it a popular option.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  1. a) Fuel consumption control
  2. b) Flexible reports
  3. c) Alarm system
  4. d) Driver behaviour report
  5. e) Tachograph data processing

9) GPS Insight

There are three different plans available.

1) Standard (Up to 25 Vehicles): Businesses would have access to email and text alerts, Google street view mapping, twelve-month data, customer-facing maps, fuel card option, free APIs. The company has an app on both Android and iOS

2) Pro plan includes Garmin integration, Google Earth, unlimited data coverage, individual scorecards for drivers and dashboard customization option.

3)  The Enterprise plan includes customized reports, other exclusive features.

10) RTA Fleet Management:

The company is widely known for its strong customer support network. It offers vehicle and inventory management, work order management and customized dashboard.

There are three plans available.

  1. a) Light Duty ($1,680/annual fee)
  2. b) Medium Duty ($2,040/annual fee)
  3. c) Heavy Duty ($2,400/annual fee)

All the top ten commercial vehicle tracking service providers cover the basic features and also offer some exclusive services to attract the audience. The decision should be made taking the business-specific requirements into account and doing a comprehensive analysis of selected options. It’s always good to have a free trial to build an understanding. One thing is clear these advanced features are meant to enhance performance and reward the team. It all comes down to how comfortable you feel with software and dashboard makes an integral part of it. You should ask for a demo to make an informed decision.

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