Russell Westbrook gets into it with young Nuggets fan who pushed him (Video)

Russell Westbrook gets into it with young Nuggets fan who pushed him (Video)


Russell Westbrook gets into it with young Nuggets fan who pushed him (Video)


Thunder star Russell Westbrook was none too pleases with a young Nuggets fan who got a bit too close to the action during Tuesday’s game.

The fan was seated courtside for the game, along with his father, and he appeared to rub some salt in the wound after Steven Adams was called for an offensive foul. Westbrook was not happy about it, and he ended up near the young boy, as his momentum carried him in that direction. That’s when the kid gave Westbrook a push with one hand, which wasn’t really a smart idea. If you were MMA betting on this altercation, pretty much everyone would wager on Westbrook over a 10 year-old.

Westbrook was not happy about it, and he made sure to let the boy know about it, getting in close and having some words so no one else could read his lips. We’re willing to bet he cautioned the kid to not do it again, judging by facial expression afterward.

We’re willing to bet Westbrook made the kid regret his actions.

Westbrook Has Gotten Physical Before…

Things got chippy late in the fourth quarter of a game between the Thunder and Sixers at Wells Fargo Center, and, sure enough, Russell Westbrook and Joel Embiid were right in the middle of it.

That should come as a surprise to, well, no one, given the two players’ reputations. Westbrook is a fiery player that takes no crap from his opponents, and Embiid is a physical leader that loves to trash talk and will sometimes send a message to other NBA’ers.

So when Westbrook took off in transition late in the fourth quarter, Embiid did whatever he could to prevent the Thunder guard from scoring. He actually ended up tackling Westbrook, and landed on top of him. Westbrook was furious about it, so he confronted Embiid afterward, leading to a skirmish.

Westbrook appeared to believe Embiid landing on top of him was intentional, and he may have a point. He certainly won’t be exchanging holiday cards with Embiid, after hearing what he had to say about the hard foul to reporters.

Wrapping it up…

Needless to say, there’s no way that fans sitting courtside should ever touch a player.  Whether that fan is 8 years old or 48 years old, there needs to be a boundary between the fans and the players.  One of the worst moments in NBA history occurred when the Pacers and Pistons brawled and the fight spilled into the crowd.  Fans need to respect the players and their space.  The stands are for the fans and the court is for the players.  The two should never, ever meet.

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