Has Matt Hardy's 'Woken' Gimmick Come To An End In WWE?

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Has Matt Hardy's 'Woken' Gimmick Come To An End In WWE?

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Has Matt Hardy's 'Woken' Gimmick Come To An End In WWE?


This week’s episode of WWE Smackdown Live saw the surprise return of Matt Hardy, who looked to be in great shape after taking some time off to heal up nagging injuries sustained throughout his career.

Hardy’s first match back saw him team up with his brother Jeff to defeat The Bar, Sheamus and Cesaro. Following the bout, Hardy teased on social media that he intends to “procure” the Smackdown Tag Team Titles, hinting that he and Jeff Hardy are likely to remain a tag team on the blue brand.

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Also during Matt Hardy’s return match, he flashed the V1 hand gesture during his entrance, a sign that he is likely ditching most of, if not all of, his “Woken” gimmick. Hardy was also dressed in traditional Hardy Boyz gear, though he did flash the “delete” gesture and his hair remains black with a blonde streak.

During a backstage interview with The Hardy Boyz following Matt’s return on Smackdown this week, Matt seemed to further indicate that his “Woken” character might be finished in WWE.

“I think we sent a very specific, special message today,” Hardy said, h/t to ComicBook for the transcription. “And basically that is this, myself, Matt Hardy, and the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy, we are the greatest tag team in all of time and space, and were are back together to prove that, without a shadow of a doubt. Myself, I know the last time people saw me I was ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy. Well I have learned how to control the Woken Wonder that is inside of me, the Broken Brilliance inside of me.”

Hardy further seemed to provide an explanation of his “hybrid” character when he Tweeted that all of his “traits are converging.”

It remains to be seen what lies ahead for Matt Hardy in WWE, but we noted earlier this week that officials recently optioned the third year on both Matt and Jeff’s contracts, so they will be with the company until 2020.

Most recently, Jeff Hardy has been competing in scattered programs, with his latest high profile match taking place at Elimination Chamber, but his direction appears free to work with Matt Hardy in the tag team division should WWE seek to bolster the amount of challengers for the tag titles.

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