Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Flair At 'WWE Fastlane' Gets Huge 'WrestleMania 35' Stipulation

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Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Flair At 'WWE Fastlane' Gets Huge 'WrestleMania 35' Stipulation

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Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Flair At 'WWE Fastlane' Gets Huge 'WrestleMania 35' Stipulation


The ongoing drama between Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair intensified on WWE Raw this week, after Rousey threatened last week to walk out on WWE and ditch the Women’s Title if Stephanie McMahon did not reinstate Becky Lynch from suspension so the two could fight.

Instead of obliging Rousey’s request this week, Stephanie McMahon instead labeled Rousey’s actions on Raw last week “blasphemous”, and declared that the Raw Women’s Title is officially vacated.

Stephanie then announced that at WWE Fastlane this Sunday night, Becky Lynch will go one-on-one with Charlotte Flair to crown a new Raw Women’s Champion, as Becky Lynch’s suspension has been lifted.

Furthermore, Stephanie forced Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to sign a “hold harmless” agreement for their bout at Fastlane on Sunday, which will absolve WWE from any liability stemming from the bout.

However, in the main event segment of Raw this week, the match plans changed, as Stephanie McMahon ended up rescinding her decision to vacate the Women’s Title, meaning the Fastlane match between Lynch and Charlotte will no longer be for the title, but if Lynch can defeat Flair then The Man will be added to the WrestleMania 35 match featuring Rousey vs Flair.

Following the match announcement, Ronda Rousey proceeded to send a bold message to Flair and Lynch when she brutally beatdown Becky Lynch just days before The Irish Lasskicker faces Flair at Fastlane.

As we have been reporting for the past several weeks, original WrestleMania 35 match plans called for Ronda Rousey to defend the Raw Women’s Title against both Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat match, and it looks like WWE is proceeding with that match plan following the events which took place on Raw this week.

WWE is teasing that Becky Lynch is heading into Fastlane injured following the attack by Rousey on Raw, with the company Tweeting, “has Ronda Rousey just ended Becky Lynch’s hopes of defeating Charlotte Flair at Fastlane and making it to WrestleMania?”

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