Top Paid YouTube Video Promotion Services

Top Paid YouTube Video Promotion Services


Top Paid YouTube Video Promotion Services


Every minute, there are about 300 hours of video length that are uploaded on YouTube, and people can almost find every topic they choose when making a search. So, if you ever uploaded a video an in YouTube, or if you need to have more views in your video promotion, how can you gain thousands of views in such a short time?

The answer would be using the best YouTube video promotion services. But since these services aren’t free, today we are showing you some ways that you can do to promote your video and gain more views. Drive more traffic on your channel with these effective methods.

Use an Attractive Thumbnail

When it comes to videos, the video thumbnail is the most important part of it to make your visitors click on the video. The truth is, we people judge books by their cover, and this is the reason why you need to make your thumbnail interesting to attract viewers.

If you’re making a vlog, then one of the great ways that you can do to ensure people would play your video is by using an image where you are smiling, or making another expression while looking directly at the camera. This way, you’ll have “direct” contact with viewers. This would help you attract more visitors and viewers on your page.

Use a YouTube Video Promotion Service

If you prefer gaining viewers the easy way but willing to pay for the increase in traffic on your channel, then you might want to consider using a video promotion service. These services will help promote your channel through Google Ads to drive more viewers and subscribers to your channel.

Some services use various ways in promoting your YouTube channel, but the most common method is by promoting it in advertisements on other websites. If you are looking for a great video promotion service for your YouTube channel, you should consider using the services of Once you hire them, they would ensure that your video would gain enough views to make you famous and successful.

Run a Video Campaign

One of the best and most effective ways that you can do to drive people to your channel, is by doing occasional giveaways. The items that you’re about to give may either consist of a shirt, bag, bracelets, shoes, or even gadgets if you’re generous enough.

Post your video campaign on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter where people can view and share the video to others. This way, a lot of people will see the video campaign and cause them to go to your channel immediately.

Use Share Buttons in Your Videos

Most of us are aware of how powerful social media is. In fact, most of us start our day by getting through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter and end there after a few clicks and scrolls or so. These social media platforms may be consuming a lot of our time every day, but this is only one of the best ways that you can do to share your videos.

So, to be able to gain more viewers and subscribers to your channel is to add a share button directly on the video to link out your video to others. These share buttons are available in video players like Wistia player. So, don’t forget to add those share buttons.


Ask People to Share Your Video

Since not everyone can shamelessly ask people to share their videos, this method tends to be forgotten or even avoided to prevent embarrassment. But if you are determined to make your videos gain more views, you’ll have to shamelessly ask people, whether they’re your friends, family, or strangers, to share your video to others. This way, you can slowly gain more traffic on your channel.


And there you have it. These are the most effective ways that you can do promote your video and YouTube channel to drive more traffic. But don’t stick to one method only, make sure to try all of them to ensure that you’ll gain more viewers and subscribers into your channel. This way, you’ll gain thousands of views in no time.


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