Kendall Jenner, 76ers star Ben Simmons are breaking up?

Kendall Jenner, 76ers star Ben Simmons are breaking up?


Kendall Jenner, 76ers star Ben Simmons are breaking up?


One of the hottest sports power couples out right now have turned plenty of heads over the past few months, but Kendall Jenner and 76ers young star Ben Simmons may be calling it quits.

The two have been dating for a number of months, with Jenner having attended a number of Simmons’ games, always sitting courtside, because of course. Kardashians don’t settle for anything less.

They’ve attracted a lot of attention from fans — both of Jenner and the 76ers — making for a big story over these past few months. But this storybook may not have a fairy tale ending. Sports Gossip released a report that says they’re breaking up, and you’ll want to check out the details:

I’m starting to believe Ben and Kendall aren’t together anymore, usually Ben is one of the first ones to like her pics, and he hasn’t in weeks, and last time they were spotted together was All-Star weekend after that short trip.  Also hearing they are not talking right now.   

This could certainly be true, as there was talk of Jenner wanting Simmons to relocate to Los Angeles, which obviously isn’t feasible, being that he plays for the Philadelpia 76ers. Not only that, there have been rumors circulating that Simmons cheated on Jenner, so that could certainly be a reason as well.

Either way, it looks like this relationship is indeed coming to an end.

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