How Do GPS Golf Watches Work?

How Do GPS Golf Watches Work?


How Do GPS Golf Watches Work?


If you’re into golf, you know already that golf nowadays is also about the devices that help you get better results, without undermining your performance.

GPS golf watches are one perfect example of how you can play golf a lot better and faster. How do they work and all the other questions you may have we’re answering down below.

What is a GPS golf watch?

Golf GPS is a global positioning device that is going to help a golfer navigate the golf course. It also helps him/her record and saves the golf scores and various statistics.

A GPS golf watch is going to contain a map of the course, your specific location on the route and the precise distances between you, the hole and the ball.

You can find models that offer satellite images of the course.  Some of the best golf GPS is coming many features that fit the needs of any golfer. At Golfoid, you can choose from an excellent range of models. Should it be a simple voice guidance system or a high-quality multi-color display system? It’s all up to you, and you can select the model that fits your needs and likings the most. And when your mind is made up, you can take a look at everything else that the store has to offer: balls and accessories, bags and carts, clothing and shoes, clubs, gear and even items for kids. How much of a golfer are you?

How does a GPS golf watch work?

Even if its name says it all, the GPS golf watch uses a GPS that relies on a network of satellites. It’s just like the one you have on your iPhone apps and the navigation in the car.

The satellite networks are going to send signals to the GPS receiver (your watch, in this case). Back in the days, but you needed to be sure that no tall buildings or trees were interfering with the signal.

However, the sensitivity has gotten better over the years, and the earlier barriers are no longer existing. Your GPS is going to locate 4 or more satellites, identifying the distance to each. Several calculations are going to allow the device to figure out exactly where it is on this planet.

What are the downsides of GPS golf watches?

The GPS golf watches don’t come with the same versatility as their opponents- the range finders. They only tell you where you are at the moment, and you need to use the satellite imaging and courses that the manufacturer mapped.

Besides, the golf GPS records your current location, and it’s capable of calculating your distance to the front/middle/back of the green using the pre-programmed data of the course. Some models are even able to estimate the hazards.

What are the benefits of GPS golf watches?

Apart from their portability and multitude of features, the GPS golf watches tell you the distance, even when you cannot see the green. They say you all that almost immediately. No measurements required as everything has been done for you already, using the pre-mapped course and the current location.

What’s the best way to use GPS golf watches?

In order to get the best results from your GPS golf watch, you should follow some specific steps. It’s useless to get this kind of device and don’t get the best out of it. The next steps are general, as there are so many different models of GPS golf watches out there:

  1. You need to charge it for the amount of time that you find specified in the directions. Probably, you’re going to have to register on the golf GPS’s website, installing the software that came with the GPS onto your computer.
  2. Choose your golf course and set up the round by entering the names of the golfers
  3. Do you want an aerial view of the course? If so, you also need to select a part of the course for zooming in on.
  4. You need to click Measure My Shot (different models may have different names for it) so that it calculates the distance the ball traveled. You should move to where the ball has landed.
  5. Continue with logging the shot and the club. You can also register the scores and stats of all players.
  6. You can also record the Chips, penalties, sand shots on the correct screen for each player
  7. You may save the information
  8. You can also edit, delete or view previous rounds
  9. Some models provide a summary of all the rounds played.

Don’t forget that you want to spare the mobile device’s battery life when you’re using the golf GPS application. For doing so, here’s what you have to do:

  • Make sure that you charge the battery completely before you’re beginning the round.
  • The brightness should be less than 50%. Don’t forget to adjust it
  • Always have an external battery charger as a back-up. This way, you’re never out of juice.

What’s the story with the Golf rangers?

The laser range finders are sending a beam of light off the golf ball/object you’re measuring. The laser range finder transmits a low power beam and measures the time it needs for returning. Using that approximation of time, you can calculate the distance to the object.

Many range finders also come with inbuilt slope detection. The actually use an internal “inclinometer.” The distance between the reflection and the “level” upon its return gives the level of the slope.

The variety of golf range finders is impressive. For instance, you can find devices that include their own “PinSeeker” technology for sensing and focusing on targets. They’re also capable of ignoring the objects in the background that you may concentrate on by accident. You need to find and to see the target gold rangefinders which is why these devices come with up to 5x magnification.

What’s the downside for the golf range finders?

The main pet peeve for this type of devices is that you have to see the target per se. If you’re looking for a pin and it’s behind some trees, you’re not going to be that successful.

The price may also throw off some golfers as they can be twice the price of a GPS golf watch.

What’s the best part about the Golf range finders?

Versatility is their main asset. You can use one on the driving range or measure the distance to any target. You only need the reflection of the laser to return to you.

What’s the final thought?

If you’re sitting on the fence and don’t know which of the devices to get, don’t lose hope. There’s always the Hybrid Golf GPS Rangefinders option. They present the versatility of the laser and the convenience of the GPS.

However, a GPS golf watch is going to be a reliable help, nine times out of 10, no matter your level of experience in golf.

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