How to Watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 On TV

How to Watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 On TV


How to Watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 On TV


Catch all event and defining moments of 20 best rugby teams battle out for the world cup championship from a wherever location on the globe on Tv. You will also be able to follow teams updates, news, and highlights of matches as they happen in a professional and timely manner.

The ninth rugby edition is scheduled to last over six weeks. For those of us who will not make it to Japan, you can now comfortably catch up with your favorite team’s progress, reactions, and interviews on Tv channels, platforms, websites, and blogs.

Tv Channels –

Get to find out how you can experience comprehensive commentary and coverage of teams as they compete for the world championship.

J Sports Tv channel will cover the live draw in Japanese as from 1700hrs local time and 0900 hrs GMT +1. Additionally, other Tv channels that will either broadcast of feature the match highlights include ESPN SUR, Supersport South Africa, NTV, NHK, TVNZ NewZealand among other channels.

If you want to watch the world cup from abroad, then ITV has exclusive broadcasting rights for the next two editions- The 2019 rugby world cup in Japan and the 2023 rugby world cup in France. The exact airing period will be announced as we near the tournament, however, expect to catch every match live from ITV players.

Platforms –

They have also not left behind those of us who like online streaming, there are many platforms, and channels that will be airing the tournament. You will be able to watch, record or catch up later with every rugby match form on any device or platform.

Be it an Android smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or iPhone, all that you will need is the latest version of your browser and flash player and you are good-to-go.

RugbyonlineStream will also provide HD quality videos of either 1080p or 720p. Without any special equipment or having to pay a hefty fee, you will be able to catch rugby world cup progress from the comfort of your place.

Alternatively, you can live stream the 2019 rugby world cup with VPN. If you don’t want to miss a minute of the word up the battle, I recommend you to use a VPN. A VPN is a software that lets you access country-restricted content.

All you will need to do is to get ExperssVPN and connect to any server location of the county you want. Head to TVplayer and select the broadcasting channels.

Social Media –

Social media will also be an excellent alternative way to follow the 2019 rugby world cup in. Facebook channels such as @worldRugby and @Rugby world cup and youtube channels such as World rugby will be a great way to watch your favorite teams progress. Additionally, Twitter and online platforms such as will also air the world cup.

A glimpse of match fixtures and hosting are shown below. Make sure to plan your time well, so you don’t miss a single event of this nerve-wracking event. The group stage matches will air between September 20 and October 13 while the quarterfinals will air on 19-20 on Tv channels with broadcasting rights.

The semis will air on October 26-27, while the bronze finals will air on November 1. Lastly, the crowning of the tournament will take place on November 2nd marking the end of the long-awaited sports event.

Your favorite match day can coincide with significant activity in your career. It may also be super expensive to attend the matches to Japan. You don’t have to miss any of your favorites tournament moments just because you couldn’t attend. Follow up and catch up all the actions later by visiting the or world Rugby Instagram.

Bottomline –

You don’t have to visit Japan for an exciting rugby world cup experience. Tv channels have now made the world a better place by bringing us the match events as they happen. Catch every action in a timely and convenient manner from your home.

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