No more free agents

No more free agents


No more free agents


I know how Twins fans feel. The season is right around the corner, there are holes on the roster and there are a couple of big names out there still in free agency. Go sign someone!

Yeah, but actually don’t. Not now, anyways. it’s too late. Now, the free agents that are on the market will likely be seeking to rebuild value, and will only be looking for short term contracts. It’s also less than 20 days to the start of the season. Players usually aren’t ready to go in that short a time after the beginning of spring, which means that on a 1 year contract, the signing team wouldn’t be getting a full year of value.

And then there is recent experience for the Twins. Consider how Lance Lynn and Logan Morrison, pretty ok players, usually, did in their time with Minnesota. Or Kendrys Morales a few years ago. If there isn’t an investment in the team from the player, and if there isn’t a whole lot of time spent on the field before the regular season starts, you likely aren’t going to get a very good version of the player you sign late in the offseasn even when they do reach the field.

It’s time for the team to start sorting out who in camp can contribute, and how to proceed, rather than looking outside for solutions. The team might not be perfect, but it’s hard to believe they will suddenly get much better in the next two weeks.

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