Strength training for women

Strength training for women


Strength training for women


By definition strength training is – A type of physical exercise which makes use of any type of resistance to cause a contraction in muscles which helps a person to gain strength. Strength training is very popular among men. Every young man wants to look muscular these days. But what about the women? Should women strength train or not? It is a common question among women who are just starting to hit the gym and are wondering what kind of effect the strength training will have on their body. In this article, we will give you reasons to kill all the excuses you have to not lift the weight. The benefits of strength training for women are numerous. You can prevent muscle loss, burn fat and keep your body younger with the strength training.

Maintains the Shape of the body:

When women strength train, they gain lean muscle mass, unlike men. With the lean muscle mass, the body looks fit and smart. This can be achieved by regular strength training. If you want to have the right amount of fat and muscles, then strength training is for you.  You can start strength training in your early 20s and keep your body active. Even if you start the strength training in the late 30s or early 40s, you can reverse the aging process of your body by building a healthy body.

Prevents and decreases the injury

Among several benefits of strength training for women, the most crucial one is that the women who do strength training regularly are able to reduce the risk of the injuries. Regular training provides strength to the bones and muscles making them resistant to any injury. When you exercise, several organs of the body along with the tendons and ligaments become stronger than compared to women who do not exercise.

Keeps the weight in check

If you add the weight lifting to your exercise routine, then you will be able to burn calories and reduce fat much more quickly than you would by simply relying on a diet. Even when you are done with the strength training, your body still continues to lose fat by staying in the active mode.

Maintains good posture

As women get older, the age has an effect on their spine and it starts to bend resulting in the bad posture which could lead to bone problems in the future. When you strength train in the right way regularly, you can get rid of any posture related issue. It also gives you confidence when your posture is better.

Keeps the heart healthy & prevent diabetes

One of the benefits of strength training for women is that it keeps your health and body working in the proper condition. When you do the exercise regularly, it reduces the risk of the heart attack by improving the heart rate variability. 

When you are strength training, diabetes which is a common problem among women is resolved too. When you lift weights, your body maintains the right level of glucose and insulin.

Among all the things you do for yourself, why not choose to add strength training to your health regimen when it is so much beneficial for you. 

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