RECAP 69: #Nice Win! Pens snap Boston's 19-game point streak, drop the Bruins 4-2 in regulation

RECAP 69: #Nice Win! Pens snap Boston's 19-game point streak, drop the Bruins 4-2 in regulation


RECAP 69: #Nice Win! Pens snap Boston's 19-game point streak, drop the Bruins 4-2 in regulation


Boston. The city that seems to win everything except for the fact that the Bruins haven’t done so in almost a decade (they last won a Stanley Cup eight years ago, to be specific). You wouldn’t know it, though, if you happened live in Masshole land (shoutout to G) since everyone who resides up there walks around like their shit doesn’t stink and talks like that douchebag Mark Wahlberg.

Well, I got news for you, Bruins fans. The Bruins aren’t as good as you think they are, and they aren’t going to win a Stanley Cup this year just because they’ve secured a point in each of their last 19 games.

Take that, Massholes!




After suffering their first regulation loss in seven games last night courtesy of the Blue Jackets, Mike Sullivan decided to make only one minor adjustment to the Pens’ roster by swapping Jared McCann to the first line in replace of Dominik Simon. Also, interestingly enough, Matt Murray gets the nod in back-to-back games after turning on God-mode last night against CBJ in a losing effort. Perhaps a risky move by Sully to bypass giving Murray a little rest, but at this point in the season where the Metro is tighter than your asshole in double OT of Game 7 of the 2017 ECF and where every point is crucial, it’s win now or fuck off. Just can’t trust DeSmith in these types of situations.


Who gives a fuck?

I take that back. Here’s a friendly reminder of what happened to Jaroslav Halak the last time the B’s played in Pittsburgh this past December:

Another HUGE two points up for grab. Let’s get to it.


Just as you were trying to get into the true spirit of Game #69 by firing up the 1997 smash hit, “Sex and Candy,” by Marcy Playground, Horny and Jugs (aka Titties as I like to call him) got things started before the chorus even dropped.

A minute and a half into the ball game, the Bruins would turn the puck over in their own zone leaving Horny to do what every smart (and sexy) hockey player would do whenever their 6’6″ centerman is crashing the net – throw the puck at the goddamn net and let good things happen.

A bounce here and a bounce there and into the net. Fifth goal in 19 games credited to Bjugstad since coming over from Florida gets the good guys on the board.

1-0 Pens. 

Over the next ten minutes, the Pens would get a pair of PP opportunities and ultimately manage to get only two shots on goal, including squandering a Grade A shorthanded opportunity to the big-nosed asshole but Murray would say no way, Jose.

Midway through the second half of the last ten, it was the B’s turn to go on their first PP after Schultz got whistled for the dumbest rule in hockey after flipping the puck over the glass. And unlike Marchand and his giant nose, the Pens would capitalize with a shorthanded opportunity of their own.

Mar-10-2019 20-09-55.gif

2-0 Pens.

Just an absolutely solid play from start to finish from Jared McCann. After forcing Krejci to turn the puck over at the point, he quickly races down the other end where Blueger finds him all alone for the breakaway and makes no mistake about it.

In case you’re still wondering whether or not the Pens won the Florida trade, take a look at the numbers:

And here’s the crazy part – McCann’s been by far and away the better player so far. Credit this one in the W column for GMJR.


After a delay of game call on Jared McCann late in the 1st, the Bruins would start the 2nd period on the man-advantage and come up dry. However, just a couple minutes later, thanks to a Tach Zrotman slashing call, the B’s would get their third crack on the PP and ultimately capitalize thanks to noted Penguins-killer David Krejci.

Mar-10-2019 20-45-00.gif

2-1 Pens. 

Gotta give credit where credit is due – hell of a play by Krejci to quickly settle the puck down on his backhand before quickly transitioning to his forehand and burying the puck into the open net. Also have absolutely no idea what Gudbranson is doing here.

A few minutes later, everyone’s favorite player that people pretend to care about, Patrice Bergeron, would get called for the dumbest penalty in hockey (delay of game) for sorta, kinda flipping the puck over the glass in his own zone. It appeared as though the puck deflected off of Sid’s stick before going into the stands, but this is the NHL where reviews are only for goals, goaltender interference, and offsides that can take place minutes before a puck even goes into the net so if it’s a penalty on the ice, the camera isn’t as smart as the ref. But I digress.

After squandering their fourth man-advantage opportunity in a row, the fifth PP would finally be the charm for the Pens.

Mar-10-2019 21-10-41.gif

Right as the Bruins almost tied the game at two with another grade A shorthanded opportunity involving Marchand, Sid quickly recovered the failed pass the other way and traveled over 100 feet to find Jake racing to the doorstop for the roof job.

3-1 Pens. 

So much fun to watch these two play right now. They simply cannot be stopped.

See. Bob knows.


Highlights of the 3rd period:

– Zach Trotman sucks and got another penalty. Pens killed it.

– Matt Murray made good saves.

– John Moore tightened your butthole for about 15 seconds whenever he scored during the 19th minute of the period.

3-2 Pens. 

– Show this clip to any and every Masshole you encounter with On Line over the next 24 hours:

Mar-10-2019 22-09-25.gif

– I’m starting a petition to keep Jared McCann on the top line with Sid and Jake for eternity.

4-2 Pens. Ball game.


  • I know I harped it on already, but Josh is right here. The swap of Brassard/Sheahan for Bjugstad/McCann is looking very good right about now.

Pat is also correct with his take:

This, on the other hand, is not a correct take:

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 10.55.52 PM.png

  • Matt Murray had yet another stellar performance in back-to-back nights stopping 39 of 41 shots against. Also hard to blame him on the last goal where he had approximately 12 guys in front of his face. Even though we all know how good he’s been since late December, please don’t show this to the Matt Murray is injury prone crowd:

I’d say that’s good.

This also left G with an opportunity to dunk on Josh.

Just a couple of boys playing twitter basketball lolz. Credit Josh for not calling any fouls – a true man of honor and integrity.

  • Gotta figure Letang returns this week on either Tuesday against the Caps or Thursday against the Sabres. This will be good because Zach Trotman fucking sucks.
  • Pens have now taken over 3rd place in the Metro for the time being. Still only six-points behind the 1st place Caps with 13 games to go.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 11.08.31 PM.png

Those assholes come to town on Tuesday night.

Hold on to your dick!

Go Pens.


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