5 Free Agent quarterbacks the Dolphins should consider signing

5 Free Agent quarterbacks the Dolphins should consider signing


5 Free Agent quarterbacks the Dolphins should consider signing


The Miami Dolphins have traded Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans. Who should they sign now?

It’s a tough year to be rooting for the Miami Dolphins. At this point, it’s as clear as day that they are tanking for the number one pick for the 2020 NFL Draft. Credit to them for trying to remain as competitive as possible but unfortunately, the Dolphins are the poster boys for the keywords ‘Dumpster Fire’ right now.

In case you missed it, the Dolphins have traded away their former franchise quarterback, Ryan Tannehill. Now the loss of Tannehill isn’t exactly all that shocking. But considering that they don’t have any alternatives at the moment, it’s kind of hard to think about what the Dolphins are possibly going to do this season.

Will they draft a quarterback in the first round? It’s possible. However, they could be banking on next year’s quarterback class to be stronger. Hence the reason why they didn’t even seem to get involved in any Joe Flacco or Nick Foles business. Tanking or not though, the Dolphins need to get a veteran quarterback for the 2019 NFL season. Let’s take a look at who’s left.

A.J. McCarron

Back in his college days, A.J. McCarron was the man simply because he was under center playing for the great Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide. McCarron was a decent quarterback in college, but it was quite evident that his NFL career wasn’t going to amount to much.

Somehow though, there was a point during last year’s offseason where a few teams convinced themselves that McCarron was a serviceable passer. That’s why the Buffalo Bills went out and got him. Then, when they realized he wasn’t good, Jon Gruden came in and did what Jon Gruden does and traded for McCarron as well. Next thing you know, McCarron is on the Free Agency market a year later, waiting to fool his next team.

Robert Griffin, III

Robert Griffin, III had one of the most colossal downfalls in recent NFL history. As the Washington Redskins sold the barn just to draft Griffin, it seemed as though their investment paid off the following season. Unfortunately, Griffin’s selfishness ended up derailing his trip to the top of the NFL, and in a matter of a few years, he found himself let go from the Skins’.

Griffin had another chance to prove that he can still start in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns, but he ended up finding himself on that long list of failed quarterbacks who tried to conquer Cleveland. I don’t think RGIII is the worst quarterback, but I couldn’t imagine trying to watch him start for however many games he can stay healthy for.

Brock Osweiler

Bring Brock Back 2k19? Last year, Osweiler graced Miami with his presence and did precisely what Osweiler does. Sometimes he looks decent. Other times he seems like the same guy that robbed the Houston Texans for a year. Any product of John Elway is clearly not going to save a franchise.

There’s a pro in signing Osweiler – he already knows the Dolphins locker room. The cons? We’ll be here all day. Osweiler is a backup quarterback at best in this league. I wouldn’t suggest signing Osweiler with the intent of having him start, but I wouldn’t blame the Dolphins for trying to go down that road again for the sake of him having familiarity.

Blake Bortles

At this point, Blake Bortles just belongs to Florida. He was born there. He played High School football there. He was drafted out of UCF, and the team that selected him ended up being the Jacksonville Jaguars. Although the Jaguars are finished with the Bortles era, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to get Bortles down to Miami.

He has tons of experience as a starter. Granted, he was benched for Cody Kessler last season, but at that point, the Jags just needed to try something different. This won’t be a long-term employment and who knows? Maybe Bortles is liked enough in Miami to become the backup quarterback of the future when Miami finally figures it all out.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Last but not least. . . Ryan Fitzpatrick. If the Dolphins need somebody who’s not that good, but at least can be exciting at times – look no further than the one they call “FitzMagic.” The same guy who confused the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all last season because at times he looked unlike the career backup that we all truly know.

The Dolphins invested in receivers like Kenny Stills and now DeVante Parker, so they need to find a quarterback who can get the ball to them. I’d say Fitzpatrick is probably the best guy for the job. Tons of experience, and has recently started games last season.

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