St. Louis Man Scores Unique Goodwill Find

St. Louis Man Scores Unique Goodwill Find

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St. Louis Man Scores Unique Goodwill Find


Everyone so often, you’re bound to come across a story of a great find at a thrift store or pawn shop.

Who can forget the story of former Kansas City Royals slugger Willie Aikens being reunited with his 1980 American League Championship? What about that Pie Traynor bat that popped up in a suburban Pittsburgh Goodwill for $2.22?

While Brad Thompson’s find might not be as valuable as a long lost piece of jewelry or a Hall of Famer’s discarded lumber, the St. Louisan’s recent find might be just as cool…if not cooler.

Yeah…that’s a 30-year-old baseball signed by comedy All-Stars Randy and Jason Sklar.

And, it turns out, the ball is legit. It even got the attention of the “View from the Cheap Seats” hosts.

If the ball really is indeed from the Sklars high school days (and there is absolutely no reason to doubt this), it didn’t have to travel far. The brothers are 1990 graduates from Parkway North in Creve Coeur, Missouri…just 20 miles northwest of downtown St. Louis.

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