Ronda Rousey Polarizes The Media With New 'Wrestling Is Scripted' Rant, UFC Star Wants To Make WWE 'Real Again'

Ronda Rousey Polarizes The Media With New 'Wrestling Is Scripted' Rant, UFC Star Wants To Make WWE 'Real Again'

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Ronda Rousey Polarizes The Media With New 'Wrestling Is Scripted' Rant, UFC Star Wants To Make WWE 'Real Again'


Ronda Rousey has gone full-blown heel in WWE, but the Raw Women’s Champion is approaching the heel turn in a way that has fans very divided on the approach.

Prior to WWE Fastlane, Rousey released a video on her personal YouTube page outing pro wrestling as “scripted”, and trashed WWE fans, specifically those from Los Angeles, as “transplants.”

The fourth wall breaking Rousey has been divisive amongst fans, with some people feeling the approach to the heel heat cheapens pro wrestling, while other people are praising Rousey for getting people talking about her upcoming WrestleMania 35 match. The New York Post feels Rousey has “saved” her character in WWE with the recent heel turn, as it allows her two career paths after WrestleMania. “If the rumors are true that [Rousey] may take time off after WrestleMania to start a family, then she can drop the title and step away for awhile,” notes The Post.

“If Rousey decides to stick around or for when she returns, she can finally link up with friends Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir to form a Four Horsewomen of MMA faction to further take things into her own hands and because it’s, ‘No more Mrs. Nice B**ch,'” the article adds.

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Deadspin, however, disagrees with fans and pundits praising the “new” Ronda Rousey, noting, “positioning yourself as the only real person in a world of fakes isn’t good heel work. It’s lazy, for one thing, but mostly it’s ungenerous—Rousey is aiming to make herself real at the expense of, well, the entire rest of the show.”

WWE has released a new video featuring Ronda Rousey leading up to Fastlane, during which Rousey continued harping on the scripted nature of wrestling, noting she is the writer now. “I want [the WrestleMania 35 match] to be the three of us [Rousey, Flair and Lynch],” said Rousey, h/t to 411Mania for the transcription. “And I’m writing the script now, and I don’t care what they say. I’m going to make sure it’s a three-way. Whoo! I need a wheel-barrow for my balls.” Shortly after Rousey’s comments, she bluntly reminded fans that “wrestling is scripted.”

While Ronda Rousey continues railing against the script in WWE, her longtime UFC foe Cris Cyborg wants a shot at the Raw Women’s Champion in an attempt to make wrestling “real again.”

Cyborg has lobbied in the past for a match in WWE, specifically against Ronda Rousey, but as of this writing she remains under contract with UFC and there is no word as to whether or not WWE has interest in bringing Cyborg into the company.

For what it’s worth, American sports blogger Terez Owens recently reported that Ronda Rousey is strongly against the idea of working with Cyborg in WWE, adding, “rumor Ronda is refusing to resign with the WWE if they bring Cris Cyborg into the story line.” The report adds All Elite Wrestling has expressed interest in Cyborg, and WWE has remained mum on the UFC star considering Rousey’s feelings.

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