Recap 73: Stadium Series Part 2

Recap 73: Stadium Series Part 2


Recap 73: Stadium Series Part 2



Pens back at it tonight after getting their ass kicked by StL. Pens should look pissed off and hungry early after yesterday.

Currently clinging to 3rd in the Metro but only 2 points clear of Carolina who also has a game in hand. Big one tonight. Need those sweet points baby.

Stadium series jerseys are back tonight. Meh. Flyers in town for a Sunday night/St. Patty’s day. Have the cold ones ready to engage.

(Bumping a very good gif from jeff.)


Letang lurking…

No Geno tonight, yikes. Rust back, Blueger sliding to center between him and Phil. Murray vs Farter Fart.

Why the fuck is the one NHL player with a commercial some fatass that retired like 9 years ago. Ugh. Here we go.



Flyers start out with some good possession and o-zone time but don’t muster anything in terms of chances. The first dangerous look comes from Sid down the right side whizzing one over Hart’s glove.

Teams trade chances. Flyers botch an odd-man rush while I google Joseph Blandisi.

“Warming to the task” on your Doc bingo cards.

Pens draw the first penalty of the night shortly after Doc calls Gudbranson, “A feisty 6’5” and now I’m questioning how much I drank today.

Without Gene the Pens go Guentzel & Schultz at the points with, Sid, Phil, Hornqvist on the first PP. It doesn’t go well. KILLED.

Ice briefly tilts back in the Flyers favor, but Murr looks sharp so far tonight, getting out early on shots and composed. Good sign.

Raffl elbows Crosby because in case you forgot he’s a piece of shit. Rest of the period is pretty much nonsense. 0-0.



Pens come out with some juice but end up taking a penalty when Bjugstad gets high-sticked by Couturier and holds following getting popped.

The Flyers score quickly but it’s immediately waived off for goalie-interference on Voracek. Looks pretty textbook honestly.

Flyers challenge, of course, but even if this is good the Flyers were offside so all of this is pointless and I’m gonna work on my bracket for a little bit. Refs end up overturning the interference call (dumb), but it was offsides so still 0-0.

This game is drunk because of course it is on St.Patty’s day. Pens get the kill.

Crosby makes a few cool passes for not. An errant crossing pass leads to a Bjugstad breakaway chance but no dice. Crowd is alive now and the Pens are buzzing. Simon has a chance, followed by Hornqvist but neither can beat Hart. The same Flyers line plays for 7 minutes straight until there’s a merciful offside whistle.

Just dawned on me how lucky Garret Wilson is that Jack Johnson is on this team or people would be coming for his head.

Also just had to count how many Flyers were on the ice wondering if I missed a powerplay somewhere. Pens really pushing the pace right now.

Pierre: “Is this the gameplan you were going for tonight?”

Flyers coach: “You mean don’t take shots?”

After a Murray save Phil sets up Blueger and he doinks the post. Jake gets slashed and loses his stick – no call, play continues. Simon finds Hornqvist in the slot but Hart is up to the task. Hate to see it folks.

Jultz nearly goes down and the Flyers have a 2 on 0, but don’t get a shot because this game is very drunj.




Flyers come out hard to start the 3rd. Sanheim point shot it tipped by Clode but Murr stays big.

Pens answer the Philly flurry though. Pettersson slap passes down low to Kessel who’s able to work center and snap one on goal BIG rebound and Teddy Blueger pounces and BURIES IT. 1-0 PENS.

Really strong night from Phil. He’s been looking dangerous all night.

Gudas compounds the trouble for the Flyers by cross-checking Hornqvist going to camp out in front of Hart. Powerplay looks lost, Phil turns it over and slashes Couturier. 4 on 4 for just over a minute then a Flyers PP.

Pens kill it and then shit gets frantic. Hornqvist denied at the ‘step, Patrick hits a post. Murray robs a turnaround shot because he is a very good goalie.

and then Dumo is DDT’d behind the net so the Pens head back to the man-advantage.

Game’s blood alcohol lever is currently 50%.

Powerplay = KILLED:

Image result for tire fire gif

Flyers keep putting 6 guys on the ice for some reason. Take another penalty. Maybe a savvy strategy to make the Pens PP go on the ice?

The bad powerplay keeps being really fucking bad and Mike Sullivan is not happy!

Quick 4 on 4 for 14 seconds and then a huge penalty kill looms for the Pens. Crunch time.

Crazy how much less scared I am of the Flyers powerplay without Simmonds. Timeout Philly with 39 seconds left in the man-advantage. Point shot gets home and Murray leaves the rebound out front and holy hell how did they not score right there.

Hart heads to the bench with 1:47 to go.

Pens clear it once – twice – three times, but can’t find the empty net. All hell breaks loose and the Pens get caught in the neutral zone, 4 on 2 break the other way Konecny to JVR all alone in the slot, he wastes no time, GOAL. 1-1 with 19 seconds to go.


Image result for barf gif


Voracek-Giroux 2on1 and I thought it was over but Matt Murray says not so fast my friend.

Struggling to breathe air. Flyers almost score 73 goals. Dumo chips a rebound wide of a yawning cage.

Crosby almost ends it setting up Jake, but 3on3 is russian roulette, he gets caught stepping up in the neutral zone, Couturier GOAL with 3 seconds left.

Pens lose. 


  • That fucking sucked. Stadium series all over again. Burn those jerseys.
  • 319 straight games for Phil tying him for the Pens all time lead with some jobber.
  • 100 games for Dom Simon, thought it was like 12.
  • Nice having Rust back.
  • Pens really dominated the 2nd period (73 CF%) but no goals to show for it and it cost them.
  • Go drink 100 beers.
  • Fuck the Flyers.

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