Best Pre-Workout Without Jitters

Best Pre-Workout Without Jitters


Best Pre-Workout Without Jitters


Pre-Workout supplements are designed to get you in the zone.

However, this doesn’t mean getting your heart into the danger zone. While many low-quality products just shovel pure caffeine into your face, we’re going to look at how to get the benefits without the jitters or discomfort that may accompany your get-it-done mentality.

Today, we’re discussing pre-workout supplements that come without jitters, and our favorite product to achieve this is the stimulant-free Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout.

Why Use a Pre-Workout?

Pre-workouts have a few awesome effects that you want. These break down into two simple camps: physiological and psychological. They overlap, but the effects of a good “pre-workout supplement double up with the mind and body.

Psychological Benefits of Pre-Workout

The psychological benefits to a pre-workout are probably the ones you’re most familiar with. They’re the ones that motivate most of us to head for our morning coffee: they are effective mood and wakefulness boosters.

These make up a key part of what you’re searching for when it comes to ingredient selection. If you’re focusing on a jitter-free product like Performance Lab’s SPORT Pre-Workout, you’ll be totally caffeine free.

This means you’re going to need alternative and additional support for your mental game. So, make sure you choose a pre-workout with some element of nootropic included. The Pine Bark Extract in this pre-workout, for instance, is an all-natural nootropic ingredient, well researched for attention, which also helps to boost cerebral circulation and support long-term brain health.

You can also boost your motivation, focus, commitment and drive even further by adding a stand-alone nootropic supplement to your regimen. Performance Lab make a great nootropic called Performance Lab Mind. It’s one of the best nootropics we’ve seen on the market and is again stimulant-free. Who needs stimulants when the combination of L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine and Citicoline delivers a clean and effective energy boost for the brain? Or you could opt for a ready-made nootropic stack like Mind Lab Pro.

Combining a pre-workout with some element of nootropic – or choosing one which already includes a nootropic – is especially important if you’re training later in the day – or after work – when your psychological resources are already running low. Other beneficial psychological gains you want to focus on include:

  • Reduced feelings of fatigue/tiredness
  • Increased self-belief and confidence during training
  • Increased willingness to push through challenges
  • Happier, more technically-effective workouts

Physiological Benefits of Pre-Workout 

SACRAMENTO, CA – JUNE 26: T.J. Dillashaw wraps his hands before he works out for the media during the Team Alpha Male Media Open Workout at Ultimate Fitness Gym on June 26, 2012 in Sacramento, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The changes in your body are linked to the psychological changes but they exist separately from them. You’re not just feeling ready to perform better – there are actual performance boosts happening in your body.

These range across the whole spectrum of performance.

Top-end power and strength are likely to see improvements, but you’re also going to see improved endurance. The best pre-workout supplement can boost everything you might need to be good at in the gym.

A variety of effective ingredients are required for this – but the point is to bring benefits to all your energy systems and any workout you might do. Whether you’re looking for maximum strength or endurance, your pre-workout needs to support your goals.

This is why we love Performance Lab’s SPORT Pre-Workout: it provides a variety of benefits for different needs. We all have different workouts, so it’s important to support the different systems in the body that produce better performance!

Jitters and Digestive Health Concerns

The jitters you experience when taking Pre-Workout supplements is the result of a caffeine intake above what you’re accustomed to.

If you’re the kind of person that drinks a single cup of coffee in a morning, you’re not going to handle an intense caffeine dose at any point. This is a concern for many as higher caffeine intake takes a little while to adjust to and gain tolerance.

The obvious problems here are twofold – a pair of symptoms you might want to avoid:


These are the shakes and sensation of increased heart rate that come with excessive caffeine intake. To an extent, they’re important in the mechanisms that make caffeine so effective for performance, but they’re also unpleasant for many.

Reducing caffeine intake or acclimatizing to the dose are both ways around this. For many, avoiding the jitters instead of working through them is preferable.

Digestive problems

Excessive caffeine intake is a real burden on the digestive system, too, where it can cause mild acceleration of bowel movements. In greater intakes or people with no tolerance, it can cause stomach aches, so it might be worth avoiding.

This is especially important if you’re already dealing with other digestive concerns. These can be common during new dietary choices and are a greater concern as we age. Poor digestion is an easy way to ruin your nutrition, as you’re not absorbing what you eat.

Caffeine-free, jitter-free pre-workouts are designed to avoid these problems. High quality pre-workouts – like Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout – address this problem by removing caffeine entirely. They use non-stimulant ingredients.

The benefits here are obvious: reducing the risk of these side-effects and allowing you to maintain control over your own caffeine intake. This is great for maintaining good health while also supporting better workouts and results.

Key Ingredients

The stuff inside your pre-workout is what makes it good or bad. Using the right ingredients is going to be central to getting the best product – and we believe Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout has managed to do exactly that. Let’s see how…


  • Creatine


This is one of the single most studied performance-enhancing supplements (perhaps after caffeine).

Creatine is a supplement ingredient that boosts your performance across the range of performance. It supports endurance during strength training – helping you get the most reps with high-intensity exercise.

However, creatine also helps support performance in endurance exercise, where your energy pool can really help with replenishing energy. This also supports post-exercise recovery and muscle growth by increasing cell energetics.

This is a good way of producing better muscle gains as well as supporting performance in your workouts. As a pre-workout supplement, you want a capsule that you combine with water to improve hydration speeds and prepare you for your workout.

SPORT Pre-Workout includes 1,250mg of creatine in the premium form Creapure® pH10, the best form of creatine available on the market.


  • Setria® Performance Blend.


This includes L-Citrulline and Glutathione, both designed to raise nitric oxide levels in the blood, sustain it throughout your exercise and into post-workout and consequently fight fatigue and boost your ‘pump’.  

By combining the two, Performance Lab maximizes the levels of nitric oxide in the blood way more – and for way longer – than either substance would do on their own.


  • CarnoSyn®, 800mg


This is a high-quality form of Beta-Alanine, helping to raise carnosine levels in the muscles and act as a buffer against the fatigue-inducing lactic acid. Staving off the lactic acid build-up also helps to stave off the fatigue, helping you to workout harder for longer. Trials have repeatedly demonstrated that it can boost muscle power, strength, oxygen uptake, training volume and exercise performance.

The CarnoSyn® version of Beta-Alanine ensures it is made with quality ingredients and is the only version that has been tested and proven to be highly effective in numerous trials and studies.


  • Electrolytes (Himalayan Pink Salt), 350mg


These are trace minerals that are directly responsible for muscular health and contractions. This is the basic unit of training volume and deficiency here is a real problem.

We’ve discussed these before in relation to the Whole-Food Multivitamin for bodybuilding, but it’s important whatever your goals. Producing the best performance and results comes from getting these basics right.

These include calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. These are best sourced from Himalayan pink salt – an ingredient in Performance Lab’s SPORT Pre-Workout that provides a huge boost of natural electrolytes.

These are also great for supporting post-workout amino acid synthesis and use. If you want to rehydrate and kickstart your recovery, pay attention to these minerals.


  • Pine Bark Extract, 100mg


Pine Bark Extract helps to control inflammation during a workout, thanks to its powerful antioxidants. It also helps to slow the breakdown of nitric oxide in the blood as well as encourage the additional production of nitric oxide, making it work well in synergy with the Setria® Performance Blend.

The version of Pine Bark Extract in Performance Lab’s pre-workout is standardized to 95% Proanthocyanidins.

It also includes 2.5mg of iron, a small helping hand to provide transport of oxygen to the muscles when they need it.

Abs workout

Making the most of a pre-workout supplement involves getting the best ingredients in a way that is proven to support your needs.

If you’re looking to avoid jitters, these ingredients are all great since they’re proven to be totally healthy for your metabolism and don’t cause the shakes. They’re also digestively healthy and shouldn’t cause any cramping or “movements”!

These performance enhancing compounds double up with various benefits to things like arterial health, reducing the risk of cell damage/death involved in tumors, and mental wellbeing. These aren’t one-dimensional compounds: they’re well-rounded fitness support!

Also, Worth Noting 

One of the key things to notice about the SPORT Pre-Workout is just how well it combines with other products from the line and supports the use of other nutrient-rich supplements.

This is why we recommend combining it with the Performance Lab Whole-Food Multivitamin. The wealth of nutrients supports effective performance and wakefulness, while ensuring maximum absorption and synergizing with the compounds in your pre-workout.

There are similar benefits to the SPORT fat burner, which supports healthy weight loss while maintaining muscle mass. This even promotes better absorption of the compounds in both, as the fat burner is rich in pipeline.

On the other hand, combining with the SPORT T-Booster is all about boosting muscle gains now.

A great physique is a balance of great workouts and great recovery/nutrition. Combining these products all support a great workout, as well as supporting muscle mass whether you’re getting big or getting lean!

Our Final Thoughts

An effective pre-workout doesn’t need to lean on caffeine. Performance enhancing compounds provide a boost to your exercise performance and fight off fatigue without risking jitters, heart concerns, or digestive risks.

You’re going to get some of the very best performance boosts from products like Performance Lab’s SPORT Pre-Workout, all without caffeine or the side-effects it might bring.

Whether you’re just unfamiliar with caffeine or you have a pre-condition that makes it unsuitable, you can still enjoy a fantastic workout with no-jitter pre-workout supplements!

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