Jay Gruden is unaware of the Redskins' plans moving forward

Jay Gruden is unaware of the Redskins' plans moving forward


Jay Gruden is unaware of the Redskins' plans moving forward


The Washington Redskins front office has decided to let Jay Gruden find out everything through the media.

Never change Washington Redskins. Never change. So, unfortunately, the Redskins front office may believe that Jay Gruden is on his way out. While it really hasn’t been reported that he’s exactly on the hot set just yet, there’s a good chance that’s the case when you’re the head coach, and the front office will not let you in on what exactly is going on.

So apparently, Jay Gruden is going through the 2019 NFL Offseason getting his information like the rest of us. As the head coach of the team, you would think that you would be informed of the teams every move before it is made. Instead, the Redskins have just been going through with stuff far before they consult with the head coach.

Last week, the Redskins signed veteran Pro Bowl safety Landon Collins to a ridiculous deal. For the next six years, he will collect a hefty paycheck from the Redskins organization. According to 106.7 The Fan, Jay Gruden found out that the Redskins were signing Collins to that ridiculous deal the same way we all did. Through NFL Insiders on television and social media.

Is Gruden on his way out?

Typically, if a head coach has no say in the team’s decisions, that means he doesn’t have the full respect of his front office. Further meaning that Gruden could possibly be on the home stretch of his stint as the Redskins head coach. One more losing season this year, and he may be handed the pink slip.

Is that fair? Not exactly, considering that we all know where the Redskins are at this point in time. Washington is not a contender right now. Especially with Alex Smith out of the picture. Last year, the Redskins were surprisingly the best team in the NFC East, until Smith went down. After that happened, it was all downhill from there.

Knowing that the Redskins will have another patch-up job at quarterback for the entire year, we can only assume that Washington will struggle to churn out a winning season in 2019.

It wouldn’t really be fair to throw Gruden on the hot seat, considering the circumstances. At this point though, the Skins’ may be looking to start steering the ship into a different direction though. Right now, they are on the first step to doing so; Which is not letting the head coach know what’s going on.

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