Jim Ross And More Think Kurt Angle's 'WrestleMania 35' Retirement Opponent Is 'Underwhelming'

Jim Ross And More Think Kurt Angle's 'WrestleMania 35' Retirement Opponent Is 'Underwhelming'

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Jim Ross And More Think Kurt Angle's 'WrestleMania 35' Retirement Opponent Is 'Underwhelming'


Prior to this week’s episode of WWE Raw, it was revealed that Kurt Angle would be announcing his opponent at WrestleMania 35, which will be Angle’s final bout in WWE before he retires.

During Raw, Angle announced that there is only one man that he wants to defeat at WrestleMania, and that is the man who made Angle’s life a “living hell” during his time as Raw GM, and he is Baron Corbin.

The announcement of Corbin as Angle’s final WWE opponent was not well received with the WWE Raw fans in Chicago, as they erupted in a “we want John Cena” chant, indicating they want Cena to face Kurt Angle in his final WWE match. Many fans feel Cena would be a fitting final opponent for Angle, but that is not meant to be, as Baron Corbin will apparently get the honor of facing Angle.

The WWE fans in Chicago are not the only people who appear displeased to see Kurt Angle face Baron Corbin, as WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross called Corbin an “underwhelming” opponent for Angle.

Kurt Angle’s wife Giovanna also expressed her disappointment with Corbin being named Angle’s opponent, agreeing with Jim Ross by Tweeting, then deleting, “very”.

Jim Ross and Giovanna Angle are not the only people expressing their unhappiness with Kurt’s final opponent, as fans have been Tweeting comments, memes and more criticizing WWE’s creative plan for what could be the very last time Kurt Angle ever competes in a pro wresting ring.

Many fans have agreed with the Chicago crowd that John Cena would be the more appropriate opponent for Kurt Angle at WrestleMania, and some fans have even speculated that WWE might be working fans with the initial announcement of Baron Corbin, and are remaining hopeful that John Cena will still end up being Angle’s WrestleMania foe.

Even Kurt Angle himself acknowledged that Baron Corbin is not the most “popular” choice for his final opponent, Tweeting, “my farewell match will be against Baron Corbin at Wrestlemania. I realize it’s not the most popular decision from a fan’s perspective… BUT I will make Corbin tap out on the biggest stage…”

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