Johnny Manziel believes he can still play at the highest level

Johnny Manziel believes he can still play at the highest level


Johnny Manziel believes he can still play at the highest level


Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel still believes he can make it at football’s highest level.

How many chances will Johnny Manziel get to make it in professional football? First, he had an opportunity to be the franchise savior that the Cleveland Browns hoped for in a long time. We all know how that went. In case you don’t, allow me to jog your memory; Johnny showed up to practice late and still drunk from the night before and naturally, his coaches didn’t like that. And to top it all off, he wasn’t balling the same way he did at Texas A&M, which really killed his value as a franchise quarterback.

Manziel may be a changed man nowadays off of the field, but his talent seems to be quite limited. Fortunately, Manziel got a second chance in Canada to play in the CFL. Although he wasn’t all that great there either, he was cut some slack since the game is slightly different. In typical Manziel fashion though, he ended up getting banished from the league. . . for life.

You would think that’s it for Johnny Football and his playing days, but the AAF came to the rescue. After realizing that Christian Hackenberg isn’t good, the Memphis Express had to bench him for Zach Mettenberger. Then, Mettenberger ended up going down with an ankle injury, and that forced the Express to look to one guy to save their first season – Johnny Manziel.

Johnny believes he’s re-trying out for the NFL

For many guys in the AAF, they are most likely re-trying out for the NFL. Basically, it’s a league that’s serving as a developmental tool for the guys that need a second chance in football. Although there were times where it felt like Manziel would be back in the NFL as a backup at least, no team thought that it was right to sign him based off of his off-field issues alone.

Now that Manziel is supposedly a changed man though everybody’s going to be focused on his skillset and progression this time around. And Manziel believes he can play at the highest level of football, despite being out of the NFL for a few years now.

“My confidence level is high,” Manziel said, via the Associated Press. “I believe I still have a unique skill set and still have the ability to play at any level anywhere.”

We’ll see, Johnny. We will see.

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