Renee Young Advised To Talk Less During WWE 'Raw' Commentary

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Renee Young Advised To Talk Less During WWE 'Raw' Commentary

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Renee Young Advised To Talk Less During WWE 'Raw' Commentary


When WWE star Renee Young was added to the Raw commentary team on a full-time basis, the former NXT announcer made history as she became the first female to land a full-time spot on the Raw announce table.

Fans were excited to hear a fresh, popular voice join an often times criticized WWE announce team, however, months later some fans feel Renee Young’s voice is less present on weekly Raw broadcasts, and there might be a good explanation as to why.

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On the most recent episode of the Regular Girls podcast hosted by Renee Young and Stacey McGunnigle, Young spoke on her current Raw announce team role, and how it has evolved.

“I’ve been working each week,” said Young, h/t to Wrestling News for the transcription. “I work with Tom Phillips. This week I worked with Vic Joseph but we’ll go back and listen to my commentary on Raw or on a pay-per-view or whatever and like dissect it and they’ll give me pointers. It’s extremely beneficial to me. That was kind of the note where like ‘you don’t have to talk as much as you think you need to talk. Maybe just sit back and listen a little bit.'”

Young noted she is the type of person that can suffer from “diarrhea of the mouth” when she really gets to talking, which is something she wants to avoid when doing commentary. “Sometimes I’m not really sure where I’m going,” admitted Young. “I just keep going until I land on it. But doing commentary, you can’t do that because everything is moving so quick and you’re telling a different story. Keep trying to land on the thing, the thing is gone by the time you’ve actually gotten to where you’re trying to get.”

You can listen to the entire episode of the Renee Young podcast in the above audio player.

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