Eight MLB teams with interesting 2019 playoff odds

Eight MLB teams with interesting 2019 playoff odds

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Eight MLB teams with interesting 2019 playoff odds


The 2019 MLB regular season is technically underway with the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics playing two games in Japan this week. But that was basically a tease — now we have to wait just under a week for more games that count and the pomp and circumstance that comes with Opening Day.

Game 1 of 162 is always memorable for a number of reasons. Whether a team is projected to be a playoff contender or not, anything can happen and everyone has a clean slate. While we wait for the rest of baseball to close the book on spring training, there are always projections to help pass the time.

The below table shows each team’s playoff odds from best to worst heading into 2019, per FanGraphs (as of March 21st).

Obviously, the first thing that jumps out here is how top-heavy the American League looks to be for a second straight year. After watching the Yankees, Red Sox, and Astros all finish with 100-plus wins in 2018, they’re projected to be pretty good again this year (as are the Indians).

However, there are eight other MLB teams that enter the 2019 season with intriguing odds when it comes to punching a ticket to play some October baseball. Let’s take a look.

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