The Window To Devin's Soul Shows Anger

The Window To Devin's Soul Shows Anger


The Window To Devin's Soul Shows Anger


The Mets are in the midst of shaping their roster and making their final cuts. Carlos Gomez, Adeiny Hechavarria, and others are being sent to Syracuse without much of an issue. Devin Mesoraco, however, has an issue.

Mesoraco signed a minor league deal with the Mets to return and went unclaimed by the rest of the league as he has an upward mobility clause in his contract. He really doesn’t have a lot of options here. But Travis d’Arnaud might not be ready to start the season and Mesoraco still didn’t make the 25 man roster, which is odd. But hey, pitch framing is now a part of WAR which means that we’re never getting rid of d’Arnaud and his fan club because now he’s good.

Eh. We’re talking backup catcher. If this is the make or break scenario of the 2019 Mets, we were in trouble to begin with anyway.

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