10 Most Beautiful Female Golfers

10 Most Beautiful Female Golfers


10 Most Beautiful Female Golfers


Golf, a male dominated sport that has never allowed women to enter into the ‘holy’ space, is making way for them! Things are changing with sports betting software and breaking all stereotypes. We see a positive change in there, you go girls! Alright, women are taking charge but men are also benefiting from it. You’d call us crazy, after all, what is women golf giving to the male clan?

Oh come on, the sport has brought many gorgeous ladies to limelight, if you know what we mean! They ladies are active on social media and giving leading models a run for their money! Don’t believe us? Hold your breath and open your arms for the most beautiful women in golf:

Number 10. Natalie Gulbis

natalie gulbis

If you have to name just one LPGA tour player, even if you aren’t into that sport you’ll point out Natalie Gulbis!

The woman has had the longest tenure in the current players with a successful history. Though she may not be that strong a player as she used to be, she still looks stunning and that’s what we are discussing here! She has landed many endorsements due to her beauty and the way she markets herself, clever!

We can’t doubt her looks after all; the woman had launched a calendar with her pictures in bikini. Too hot to handle we may say!

Number 9. Sandra Gal

sandra gal

It’s sad for modeling agencies around the world that Sandra Gal turned out to be a great golfer. Had she not been that, agencies would have lined up outside her home to sign her for all the major photo shoots. Come on, the woman is 6ft tall, you don’t regularly find such tall women anywhere other than a modeling agency! Those long legs, slender body and tiny waist make up for the best bodies in the world!

She can sizzle any stage or ground with her graceful moves and with that kinda body, you don’t have to try much!

Number 8. Holly Sonders

holly sonders

Take deep breaths people, Holly’s presence can get your heartbeat racing! One look at her and you’d know for sure that she is a glamour model, she couldn’t be anything else, OBVIOUSLY! The woman poses for such sultry pictures that she can leave any man speechless.

The way this brunette flaunts her toned legs, we fall in love with her all the more! It’s hard to believe that this Goddess has a career other than modeling, yes people Holly is a golfer. Shocked? Apart from playing for LPGA, Holly works for Fox Sports as well, it is hard to imagine her as a golfer!

Number 7. Paula Creamer

paula creamer

Paula Creamer is another superstar at the game called golf! Ever since she ventured onto the LPGA Tour in 2005, she has been on every golf lover’s mind. At the end of the 2017 season, Creamer was 10th on the all-time LPGA career money list with earnings of $11,915,165. Moving on to her looks, Creamer is a stunner with amazing body and innocent face. Her smile has the capacity to turn heads, she could easily be labeled with the best smile tag had she been on a beauty pageant!

Number 6. Blair O’Neal

blaire oneal

You don’t get many golfers as hot as Blair so when you have her, you don’t lose her! This woman possesses some voluptuous assets that are hard to ignore, as it is why would you even ignore those twins? With that kinda body, she oozes sexiness with every stance she takes or every walk she makes! Her racy photoshoots and appearances on TV and videos just prove her appeal, so we aren’t questioning that! Her incredible looks and knowledge of golf has landed her gigs as a reporter for a golf channel and it seems like she is here to stay!

Number 5. Paige Spiranac

paige spiranac

You were expecting her name to pop up on the list, weren’t you? That sculpted body, beautiful face and blonde hair are a perfect combo, something you’d never want to miss! She even has great assets which she often shows off on the course or out, while she is concentrating on modeling. What about her smile that has killed millions with just a curl?

You can call her the leader of the pack when it comes to Instagram-famous female golfers. Give her a golf club and she’d prove it to you that she is more than just a pretty face!

Number 4. Cheyenne Woods

cheyenne woods

You’d be loaded with expectations had you been the niece of a famous golfer, that’s so obvious. But you can take a sigh of relief that it isn’t you, we have Cheyenne Woods to take that spot!

Woods has proved with her game that she knows what she’s doing. Even if she would have been a failure at that, Hollywood would have opened gates for her. Look at the woman dude, she is beyond gorgeous! Her sculpted figure and lovely features are impossible to miss but it is her curly locks that we can’t get our eyes off!

Number 3. Belén Mozo

belen mozo

While Sergio García is a fan favorite in Spain due to her incredible performance, it is Belén Mozo who rules the hearts of millions. That woman is one fitness freak and we mean literally FREAK! She believes her body to be a temple and maybe that’s the reason why men worship her as a Goddess, well she even looks the part! The woman definitely owns a ripped body coupled with perfect assets, what more could we ask for? The best part is that she isn’t even shy to flaunt her perfectly toned body; we can never thank her enough for it!

Number 2. Lexi Thompson

lexi thompson

The young golfer has already marked her presence on the radar with her strong game, winning a major championship is no joke! She became the youngest woman to qualify for the US Women’s Open at the age of 12, wow!

So golf fans are ready to watch her play but what’s there for the others who aren’t really into sports? Oh the woman herself! She is one of the hottest golfers in the world and when she flaunts her bikini clad body in photo shoots, we see many jaws dropping! She looks straight out of the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue; do we need to say more?

Number 1. Lucy Robson

lucy robson

Most of you haven’t heard much of her because she isn’t a big name in golf, as of now but that is sure to change.

She has been practicing hard to make her game pro level and we can’t wait to see her compete on Sundays in the near future. But there is one thing where Lucy does not have to put in too much effort and that is looking flawless! This woman is gorgeous and beautiful and stunning and charming, we can go on but it will still not be enough! She has a massive following on Instagram of 105k where she shares her workout and golf routine.

She is talented but somehow we can’t stop appreciating her beauty!

Which of these women managed to gather your interest in the game? 

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