Chicago Bears are still open to trading Jordan Howard

Chicago Bears are still open to trading Jordan Howard


Chicago Bears are still open to trading Jordan Howard


The Chicago Bears aren’t rushing to deal Jordan Howard, but the ‘For Sale’ sign is still up.

The Chicago Bears have been fortunate enough to have not one, but two productive running backs in their backfield. First, it started with their former mid-round draft pick, Jordan Howard. As Howard wasn’t a top-priority pick a few years ago, his emergence during his rookie season was a pleasant surprise for the Bears back in 2016.

Although Howard was highly productive out of the Chicago backfield, they felt as though he was a bit one-dimensional. Being a power back, who isn’t as productive in the receiving game could be a bit problematic in today’s NFL. Therefore, the Bears went out and drafted another running back the following year. That’s when they got Tarik Cohen in the fourth-round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Bears ended up hitting on both of their backfields picks in back to back seasons. Unfortunately, they are more sold on one, rather than the other though. So with the Bears having less interest in Jordan Howard, who also has a contract year coming up, they may try to get some value for him this year before the 2019 NFL Season kicks off.

Howard is still on the trade block

Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy doesn’t seem to be pushing for a Howard trade this offseason. But he also doesn’t seem to be opposed to the idea either. As it has been public knowledge for quite some time now that the Bears are shopping Howard around this offseason, the ‘For Sale’ sign is still on Howard. However, if the Bears don’t deal Howard, Nagy makes it clear that the four-year back still has a spot in the backfield if he does return.

With the Free Agency market being weak at the running back position, there should be a few teams contacting the Bears about Jordan Howard. Rumors have been spreading that it could take a fourth, or fifth-round pick to get Jordan Howard out of Chicago.

The two teams that have been linked to being in contact with the Bears were the Eagles and the Raiders. Both of which, were in the market for a running back this offseason and didn’t land one when Free Agency kicked off.

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