Now we wait

Now we wait


Now we wait


The Twins finally finished their spring training schedule today, with a slugfest in Colorado. It showed what the Twins might be able to expect in the regular season (eg, all of the dingers… for both sides), but was also the last exhibition for Minnesota.

The Twins have set their final roster (Addison Reed went to the IL — new this year, replacing the DL — and Ryne Harper parlayed an excellent spring into a spot on the opening day roster), made their contract extension offers and completed all the business of the off season.

All that’s left now is baseball. Now we just need to see the team, and the players on hand execute on the field. The season starts at 3pm with Jose Berrios’ first pitch to the Cleveland Indians. Let’s hope the Twins did enough to get ready this year.

There are certainly questions. Can the buy low options the Twins added at first, second, utility guy and closer put the team over the edge? Can the Twins win if Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano fail to measure up to expectations? Can they win if they do? Do the Twins have a decent bullpen? Does Rocco Baldelli know what he’s doing? Does the front office?

Starting at 3pm on Thursday, we will start to get those answers. Even if the Twins fail to reach whatever measure of success you have for them this year, I think we can all agree on one thing. Baseball season is better than baseball offseason. Not much longer left.

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