Three Potential Landing Spots for Jay Ajayi

Three Potential Landing Spots for Jay Ajayi


Three Potential Landing Spots for Jay Ajayi


After saying ‘peace-out’ to the Philadelphia Eagles, where will Jay Ajayi end up during his NFL Free Agency journey?

The last two years or so has been incredibly difficult for the 25-year-old running back, Jay Ajayi. Although Ajayi won a ring for the first time in his career with the Philadelphia Eagles, it doesn’t exactly erase the struggles of his past. The only reason why Ajayi was able to win the Super Bowl was due to the fact that the Miami Dolphins gave up on him midway through the 2017 NFL Season.

Was it bittersweet for him? Absolutely. He was drafted to Miami and viewed as their clear-cut number one back for almost the entire 2016 season before Adam Gase changed his mind. After a few verbal altercations behind the scenes, the Dolphins figured it would be best to just get rid of Ajayi, rather than try to make it all work out. After all, the Dolphins were a dumpster fire for the following season anyway.

Ajayi was fortunate enough to get out of that situation, and win a Super Bowl with the Eagles. And the following year, he was given the opportunity to re-introduce himself as a bell-cow back in the NFL. Unfortunately, he suffered multiple injuries, one of which, put an end to his season quite early on.

Today, Ajayi is still rehabbing a torn ACL. Hence the reason why his Free Agency market is next to nothing. The Indianapolis Colts brought him in for a visit, but he left without a deal. The Eagles stayed in touch with Ajayi’s agent, but they just made a trade for a younger and cheaper running back in Jordan Howard, which forced Ajayi to react on Instagram by saying ‘peace out.’ Clearly, he’s ruled out a return to Philly, so where are Ajayi’s three realistic landing spots for 2019?

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