Keenan Allen Calls Le'Veon Bell's Rap Track Trash

Keenan Allen Calls Le'Veon Bell's Rap Track Trash


Keenan Allen Calls Le'Veon Bell's Rap Track Trash


Le’Veon Bell wanted feedback on one of his songs, so he took to Twitter to get a reaction.

Twitter can be a wonderful place if you are looking for praise. But if you are in search of approval for a body of work that doesn’t reach the public’s standards, there’s a good chance that you will get roasted for it. Twitter is a place of savages. Especially if you are a celebrity.

New York Jets’ running back Le’Veon Bell has become the latest player to fall victim of Twitter roasting. With 1.8 million followers on Twitter, Bell decided to do some surveying. As we all know, he released his mixtape a couple of weeks ago before inking a deal with the Jets.

So now that his project has made it’s way around to listeners over the last two weeks or so, Bell is in search of some honest takes. So he posted a recent music video to his Twitter account, and urged his followers to be frank – Is his song fire? Or is it garbage? Let’s see.

Le’Veon does some surveying

Based off of my research (there was a minimum) the public consensus says that Bell’s track is trash. Now, based off of my opinion, I wasn’t really feeling it myself. I’m well aware that Bell is a rapper, but I honestly never felt the need to give him a listen. Based off of what I have heard in the past though, I wasn’t too optimistic about Bell’s music. Apparently, Los Angeles Chargers’ wideout Keenan Allen wasn’t too fond of it as well.

Keenan Allen gets brutally honest

Yikes. Keenan Allen coming in hot with the not-so-rave review on Bell’s newest song. “This ain’t it,” is a favorite saying when something just isn’t good. And Bell’s song just simply isn’t good. Respect to Keenan Allen for keeping it honest. Most players would probably lie to Bell or just avoid the question all together. Not Keenan Allen though. He had to keep it honest.

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