Tom Brady Hopes That Rob Gronkowski Returns at Some Point

Tom Brady Hopes That Rob Gronkowski Returns at Some Point


Tom Brady Hopes That Rob Gronkowski Returns at Some Point


Rob Gronkowski has retired from football, but like the rest of us, Tom Brady doesn’t exactly buy it.

Nowadays, retirement announcements almost mean nothing in the NFL. Brett Favre ruined it for everybody. Then Jay Cutler, then Jason Witten. Now, we have to deal with a season full of Rob Gronkowski rumors. At age 29, Gronk has decided to call it quits. While it’s not exactly shocking, since he contemplated retirement last season, Gronk is still getting uncertainty from his fans, critics, and even his teammates.

Why is he finished? We still don’t have a clue. The apparent reason would be that Gronk is often hurt nowadays. Considering that he’s such a big target on the field, he exposes himself to big hits. Also, there’s the fact that Gronk doesn’t really have much more to accomplish. He’s got a nice set of Super Bowl rings in the collection, and will probably get recognized in the Pro Football Hall of Fame when his time comes.

Seeing as though Gronk is still young, and has plenty of working opportunities outside of football, he is taking advantage of all that while he is still young. Gronk can act, he can wrestle, and he can party. All without having to worry about the NFL fining him, or the Patriots getting upset with him. Gronk is retired, and Gronk is free. But still, nobody is going to believe it. Not even his former quarterback, Tom Brady.

Brady wants Gronk back soon

The NFL decided to post a graphic on their Instagram account to show that Gronkowski leads all current and former Patriots in touchdown passes caught from Brady. Naturally, Brady had to leave a comment, which has everybody talking and still in disbelief that Gronk is finished with his career.

“I hope 78 isn’t the final number” Brady commented, and now everybody is going crazy. Gronk told his reps that he is finished. He’s “done done done.” But apparently, his words hold no value to anybody. Get ready for a long offseason, and a regular season full of Gronkowski rumors. Because you know they are coming. And the second the Patriots start struggling without a dominant tight end, we’re going to continually hear about Gronk considering a return.

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