Famous college rock bands

Famous college rock bands


Famous college rock bands


Studying not always means boring lectures. There is a lot of stuff you can do outside the walls of auditoriums and libraries. Extra curriculum activities do not mean that you need to participate in sports events or different scientific clubs. Sometimes they may go another, more artistic way. For example, one can develop college rock. College rock bands are a very common phenomenon, like coursework writing service while studying. The majority of famous rock bands were formed by students, who became friends and wanted to get famous. We decided to list the top 10 rock bands, which started from there and are still on the go.


In 1998 at University College of London four guys decided to form Coldplay, which has become one of the most bellowed bands all over the globe. Those guys did not spend sleepless nights doing their essays and term works. Coursework help UK was popular in those days. If you want to repeat the success of these mates in real life, you should pay more attention to music. Remember that you can always get coursework help and save your energy. Just do not be scared, as you need more time to become an artist and in case you need help with coursework, go to our writing service. The story of Coldplay shows that art can co-exist with harsh studies and complicated lessons. You just need to find the same crazy people like you.

The Commodores

These fellows were popular in the 1960s. They met at Alabama Tuskegee University. Back then it was hard to skip lecture and coursework writing, so the founders had to study hard and develop their talents. Strenuous years of work brought them to the peak of fame in 1972.

Pink Floyd

The band was formed in 1965, and the majority of its members studied at London Polytechnic. Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason studied in the same college. The only exception was Syd Barrett, Water`s childhood friend.


It is a weird thing to read, but this epic band was also found while most the members of the group were studying in the universities. Brian May and Roger Taylor met back in the 1960s while sleeping at the lectures at London`s Imperial College. Freddy Mercury joined them while being in Ealing Art College.


Every student of that time may confirm that students’ life was impossible to imagine without their music. No wonder R.E.M came from the campus at University of Georgia back in 1980.


In 1985 in Oxfordshire, England several boys, who attended school – decided to create a band that continued its commercial success until today. Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, and Phil Selway formed a band called “On a Friday,” spending weekends on concerts in local taverns. After one of such shows in Jericho Tavern – these guys got their first serious contract.

Better Than Ezra

New Orleans rock music lovers know this representative of southern vibes. Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge became the place where the band was started by Kevin Griffin, Joel Rundell, Tom Drummond, and Cary Bonnecaze. Here they created their first album called “Surprise” in 1989. Unfortunately a year after the lead guitarist Joel Rundell committed suicide leaving the band far beyond the charts.

The Strokes

The “Is this it” album released by the Strokes in 2001 brought this band to the top of the charts. Band members got acquainted in during the 90s when Albert Hammond rented a flat together with Casablancas in NY. All of them knew each other from the prep school days.


The band, organized by Panozzo brothers and Dennis DeYoung in early 60s, traveled through many cities for a long time. The band was formed in high school and existed all the time even in Chicago State University. Its success was seen in the 70s with “Mr. Roboto” and “Lady” tracks.


“Psychedelic pop” crafted by David Marchese, descends from his sessions at Wesleyan University. Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden, who met during the freshman year in 2005 formed MGMT and hit the charts in 2006.

If you are still in college and you are into music – you can do the same and catch your chance to become famous very fast. Imagine that one day people will discuss your alternative music quotes. The real-life examples are given in this article.  

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