Power outage

Power outage


Power outage


Between the trade deadline last year and the beginning of this season, the Twins went out of their way to add sluggers. There weren’t many pitchers added, to the lament of a lot of fans, but the offense was going to be enough to salivate over.

Naturally, through the first two series, the Twins had 1 Nelson Cruz home run. That was it. Zack Greinke had more home runs than the Twins.

Of course, that is a bit silly. The Twins have only played 5 games (and actually hit two dingers tonight) and most of them are played in cold weather. I hesitate to say anything because the Twins have gone 4-1 to start the season, but the beginning of the year is a silly season, and its silliest in Minnesota.

Cold dry air is denser, and the Twins play in the coldest, driest air to start the season. The ball carries better and further when it is hot and humid. The Twins aren’t hitting, sure, but part of that is artificially suppressed. Not only is the sample size small, it is polluted.

The Twins will start hitting some big blasts, because the season will settle into form and the weather will warm up. Of course, the opposite is true too. Don’t expect the brilliant home pitching outings to last either.

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