Best Tattoo Kit for Beginners

Best Tattoo Kit for Beginners


Best Tattoo Kit for Beginners


Tattooing was started by our ancestors. These days, tattooing has become so popular that 1 out of 3 people has tattoos that symbolize many things. Some people use tattoos to support an event or maybe their favorite sports team while some have it for fun. This increase in demand for tattoos indicates a better opportunity for artists. The minimum requirements to start your business as a tattoo artist are a good location and the best tattoo kit. Well, it might be difficult for anyone who is just starting this business.


A Tattoo kit can provide all the essential machines and supplies that a tattoo artist requires. A tattoo kit includes one or two tattoo machines, a foot switch, and a tattoo power supply. Some of the kits even include grips, inks, ink-cup holders, and different needles and tubes. Also, some kits come with the necessary medical supplies for the safety of artists and customers.

What should you look for before buying a tattoo Kit?

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Gun: The most important item for tattooing is the gun. The main work if a gun is to generate the required motion to punch the ink into the skin. Needles are attached in the gun. So, before buying make sure that the guns you get in the kit are of good quality. With quality, quantity also matters. It is always better if you get more guns in the kit.

Consumables: You need tattoo tips and needles for tattooing. Check if the kit comes with consumables or not. Also, look for the quality of power supply that the kit offers. The better the power supply the better you can perform without any problem.

Storage: Some of the items like needles are very delicate and can contaminate if you don’t take proper measures to store it properly. Kits that come with a sturdy case are one of the best choices as it eases storage and prevents contamination.

Ease of Use: As a beginner, you should also focus on the kits that are beginner friendly and easy to setup and use. Don’t forget to read the eBook or the CD that comes with the kit to ensure your safety while setting up or tattooing.

Let’s have a look at some of the best tattoo kit for beginners.


Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit

Dragonhawk has been manufacturing many quality products in the tattoo industry from the last 20 years. The products they manufacture are durable and to improve the work of their users they come with professional-grade designs. It consists of two guns, one for shading and another for coloring. It is very easy to use and is specially designed for beginners.


Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder Complete Kit

This guns that you get with this kit are specially designed for outlining and shading. The kit also includes seven bottles of high-quality ink. Unlike low-grade tattoo kit, the sterilized needles of this kit won’t make the skin of your customers feel irritated. Cups and needles that you get in this kit are 100% sterile.


Eyepower Tattoo Kit 2

This kit contains two sturdy guns for outlining and shading. To improve the performance of the guns it contains 10 high-quality wraps. You won’t need to burn your pocket to buy this kit. This kit has all the necessary equipment including sterilized needles, foot pedal, and a power supply.


Fancier Studio (S-T02) 4 Machine Gun Kit

The four machine guns that you get with this kit make this kit one of the best tattoo kit for beginners. With the 10-coil designs for lining, coloring, and shading, this kit won’t disappoint you. The best part about the guns is they are low-temperature guns which means it is safe for use on sensitive skins. It also consists of four interchangeable tips and 50 sterile needles.


Ordertatoo Complete Tattoo Kit

It has only one gun but with the 10-coil design, you can create most types of tattoos using it. You get 50 sterile needles and four alloy tips if you buy this kit. If you’re concerned about the quality of paint then don’t worry this kit contains 8 high-quality Iron Sakura inks of 10ml each.


Rehab Ink Tattoo Kit

You can find this kit online. The best thing about this kit is it comes with four shots of ink for you to practice. It comes with a versatile tattoo gun and is also affordable. To simplify the process it comes with an eBook.


Redscorpion Complete Tattoo Kit

It is ranked as one of the best tattoo kits of 2019. It comes with durable two-piece coil tattoo guns that have customizable designs for lining and shading. They are low-temperature guns which means it is safe for use on sensitive skins. You will get seven bottles of ink with this kit. Other things that come with this kit include 10 disposable needles, 20 disposable tattoo tips, and 20 disposable tattoo grips.


Don’t settle for a low-quality kit just because it is cheap. Cheap kits might irritate your customers and in some cases, can compromise your customer’s safety. We have mentioned 7 best tattoo kit for beginners which might help you find your first tattoo kit. Always practice before tattooing to prevent damage.




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