Is Josh Rosen the Washington Redskins' Best Bet at Quarterback?

Is Josh Rosen the Washington Redskins' Best Bet at Quarterback?


Is Josh Rosen the Washington Redskins' Best Bet at Quarterback?


Are the Washington Redskins better off with Josh Rosen, than they are with Case Keenum or Colt McCoy?

Will Josh Rosen play for the Arizona Cardinals in 2019? That’s perhaps the most significant question for Arizona and the handful of teams who are interested. Last season, Rosen was viewed as the next franchise quarterback for the Cardinals after they selected him with the tenth overall pick. This season, he might get traded away for no more than a second-rounder.

Times have changed over the last year, and they changed quickly. Apparently, the Cardinals are going to roll the dice and put all of their money on Kyler Murray with the number one overall pick. We currently have to take that information with a grain of salt as opinions have changed over time, but every single mock draft has been adjusted to sending Murray to Arizona.

That leaves the Cardinals with two choices. One, keep Rosen. Or two, trade him away. There’s no shot that they hold onto both. So who’s the best team for Rosen? Well, in terms of taking a backseat for at least a year and learning, Rosen would probably benefit from landing in Los Angeles, New England, or New York. However, it looks like he’s favored to end up with the Washington Redskins where he could realistically become the starting quarterback in 2019.

Is Rosen Washington’s best bet?

The Washington Redskins’ top quarterback is currently on the injured reserve. Alex Smith will most likely miss the entire 2019 season, and potentially beyond. That leaves the Skins’ with Case Keenum and Colt McCoy. At this point, we know that McCoy is only viewed as a potential starting candidate in the eyes of the Redskins at even that’s a stretch. As for Keenum, he somehow keeps on getting second chances.

If the Redskins stayed put at quarterback, I could confidently say they aren’t making the playoffs in 2019. If they make a move for Rosen with the idea of him potentially becoming a starter, I wouldn’t exactly bank on the Redskins missing the playoffs though. Further making Rosen an intriguing prospect for the Redskins which makes him their best bet for the season moving forward.

Not only does Rosen offer the unknown for Washington this season, which is good. But he could also take a backseat to a seasoned veteran like Alex Smith who could teach him the ropes upon his return next year. Also, the Redskins would be able to eliminate the idea of scouting and drafting another franchise quarterback for at least a couple of years moving forward.

If the Redskins are in on Rosen, and the Cardinals are all ears, Washington should do everything that they can to make sure this deal gets done before training camp. They know what they have with Keenum – mediocrity and another losing season. With Rosen, it’s all unknown and who knows, he could be a diamond in the rough from out of Arizona. Take the chance.

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