AEW To Start Weekly Programming On Cable Station In 2019

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AEW To Start Weekly Programming On Cable Station In 2019

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AEW To Start Weekly Programming On Cable Station In 2019


As All Elite Wrestling is being hyped up by wrestling fans as this new promotion that could possibly compete with WWE, there have been talk about what kind of TV deal the company will have and what station it will be on. Now an update has been provided on that story.

WWE Hall Of Famer and AEW announcer Jim Ross was interviewed by WFAN Radio about the details. Even Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer confirmed Jim Ross’ statements on the TV deal.

According to Meltzer, AEW is going to have a live two hour primetime show on a “key cable station” beginning in October. The reports have also said that the deal wasn’t signed as of Saturday but AEW has been in negotiation with two major outlets in the U.S. In that negotiation, the parties may have the ability to have AEW as a streaming property including the Double Or Nothing event.

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Meltzer would go on to report that because the outlets have streaming services, a key component of the deal would be the luxury of selling PPV events. He also added that as time goes on it will be easier for the company to make their decision on what outlet they will air their product as Double Or Nothing comes around.

While the domestic TV deal is being dealt with, the company is also working on an  international deal. Dave would continue on his show to say that the international deal when finalized will be “pretty significant.”

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Ever since the promotion made themselves known and has hired the likes of Chris Jericho and Jim Ross, fans have never been more excited to see some competition in the wrestling business. With this new TV deal, the promotion could very well be on the rise as being viable competition for the WWE.


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