Tips From Successful Sportsmen on How to Succeed in Sports

Tips From Successful Sportsmen on How to Succeed in Sports


Tips From Successful Sportsmen on How to Succeed in Sports


Are you wondering how to be successful in sports? There is no doubt that athletes are the epitome of success. However, the truth of the matter is that becoming a successful athlete is not as easy as it seems.  Just like writing an essay, achieving success in a given sport requires a lot of unwavering stamina, strength and precision. Sportspersons often have to contend with rigorous training schedules, injuries, lost matches, heartbreaking failures and personal issues. The good news is that we can learn from the leaders of the industry to understand how to succeed in sports. Here are what some of the best lessons from sportsmen.

Never give up – Kieran Behan, gymnast

Kieran is a true illustration of the willpower. You can imagine a situation where he was told by doctors that he would never walk again after they had gotten rid of a cancerous tumor on his thigh at the age of 10. The operation went horribly wrong to the point that his nerves got damaged and made him wake up while screaming because of the pain.

He was passionate about gymnastics and after 15 months on a wheelchair, he persevered and got back to the gym. After a few months, he slipped from that high bar and got a terrible injury on the head. The injury was so severe to the point that he got frequent blackout whenever he blinked.  He started to retrain his brain and achieve back his coordination. It took him 3 years for him to get back to where he was before the injury. But he still got several fractures. In fact, his knees snapped just after he had been chosen for the European championship.

Despite all the adversity, he never gave up and he successfully became the Challenge World Cup floor champion. He was qualified for the Olympics in London in 2012. After the trauma, terrible pain and setback, he became an Olympic athlete. This is what happens when we persevere. If we never give up, we can achieve anything we want to be. This is definitely among the important tips for success in sports.

Redefine your industry – Serena Williams

Whenever we think about Tennis, the first person who comes to our mind is Serena Williams. She is definitely one of the greatest tennis players of her times. She holds at least 23 major titles in the Open Era. But one thing to note is that her career is not always about celebrations and championships. Many times, she has been put down by injury.

She was unable to participate in the 2011 Sony Ericsson Open as a result of an abdominal injury.  Despite suffering from several injuries, she was able to rebound and become one of the best. Young sportsmen need to understand that there is a need to rebound even after going through a challenge. When you encounter a challenge, keep on trying and you will succeed. This is an important tip that students can use in essay writing.

If you face setbacks, look at some of your other passions and strengths. You may have another career path worth pursuing.

Failure is part of success – Michael Jordan

For a long time, Michael Jordan has been considered to be the greatest basketball player of all times. One thing he attributes his success to is the many times he has failed as he says these have made him try even harder. Failure did not make him feel discouraged. When young, Michael was considered to be a mediocre basketball player. He was dropped from his high school basketball team.

When he talks of his failures, he says he has lost 300 games and has missed the game-winning shot 26 times. Unlike many sportsmen who are discouraged by failure, Michael Jackson has a positive attitude towards them. He says while many consider fear to be an obstacle, for him, it is just but an illusion and a recipe for his success. His story can also make one of the best leadership topics for students who are searching for help on topics for their essay.  If you are being discouraged by your failure in leadership, there is a great lesson you can learn from this basketball icon.

Turn your challenges into blessings – Michael Phelps

There is no doubt that Michael Phelps is one of the biggest Olympian swimmers in history. He is the first player to have won 8 gold medals in a single Olympic. Michael managed to do that and he has won a total of 19 Olympic medals, with 15 of them being gold. This shows he is the leader in athletics in this era. One thing that the majority don’t know about is that he suffered from ADHD in his childhood and he was put on medication for a period of time.

A common assumption is that people who suffer from ADHD are usually restlessness, operates on impulsiveness and have a lower attention span. What people don’t know is that these people have a great capacity to stay hyper-focused on anything they are passionate about. Michael has managed to do this successfully. He channeled all his focus and energy and was able to exploit the positive part of ADHD.

Phelps is a true sign that you can beat even the strongest and most disciplined swimmers in the world and he is an inspiration to people who suffered from all forms of disability including mental disorders. Another secret he uses is the power of visualization before he can start to swim. He began this process at 7 and noted that there was no limit to what he was able to achieve.  


There is nothing that the mind can conceive that it cannot achieve. The challenges that the above athletes were able to overcome is a testament to this. If you are seeking for help topic on leadership, these athlete tips can be a good guideline. Therefore, if you are wondering how to become successful, all you need is to follow and learn from the best in the sports industry.


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