Best Drones for Racing

Best Drones for Racing


Best Drones for Racing


Choosing the right racing drone can be quite challenging as they can be more complex than regular drones. Additionally, getting a decent racer meant building one for yourself.  Fortunately, some manufacturers have produced some remarkable ready-to-fly (RTF) racing drones. The racing kits typically include the quadcopter, transmitter, camera and some even have goggles or an FPV monitor.  Below are 3 of the best drones for racing:

  1. ARRIS X-Speed 280 Quadcopter

This drone has the best design when it comes to speed and it comes fully assembled.  Before shipping, the drone is tested and adjusted at the factory. This means that as soon as the battery is fully charged, it is ready to fly.  Air is directed up and over the back of the quad via the front airfoil piece. This improves flight speed performance.

The Raptor S-Tower on the body of the drone is stylishly designed and a reduced wiring configuration is used to house the connected receiver/transmitter, control wiring and antennae. This makes repairs easier and assists in keeping the drone lightweight.
The drone comes with a camera that transmits real-time FPV video over a 5.8 GHz signal at 700TVL to the controller Radiolink 40-channel receiver/transmitter. The controller screen displays video signals from the camera and drone flight control data.  Individuals who would like to use goggles have to purchase them separately. This drone is compatible with the Fat Shark Dominator V3 goggles and several Eachine goggles.


  • Extremely fast
  • Beautiful design
  • No configuration required


  • Battery charger is not included


2. Force1 With VR Headset

This racing drone is ideal for beginners and the kit comes with virtually everything required to get started, except the battery which has to be separately purchased.  The nicely-designed and easy-to-carry hardshell case has all the other necessary pieces. A carbon fiber is used to make the case more durable and a battery charger is included in the kit.  There is also a remote controller that has an AT-9 radio transmitter. In addition, a VR headset designed for FPV flying comes with the drone, which at operates at 5.8 GHz and enables a decent flight range.

For additional strength, the body of the quadcopter is made from woven and lightweight carbon fiber.  It also has a SE2205-2300k brushless motor that fuels the rapid speed of the drone. Its flight radius goes up to 3000 feet in the air and the drone can soar to altitudes as high as 5000 feet.  Included among the additional features are one-button lift off and landings. By touching the right button, the drone can automatically perform 360-degree flips.

It is recommended that beginners fly in a wide open area that is free of people.  In the case of crashes, open fields with soft grass and no trees are the best places to hone your skills of flying.  This kit is definitely a remarkable choice for the beginner racing pilot.  You can find many drones like this one at, which has a wide selection of drones to buy online.


  • Durable, quality materials are used in the construction of this drone
  • Extremely fast
  • A good starter fit for FVP drone racing


  • Battery must be separately purchased


3. Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee

This budget-friendly mini drone retail for under $50 and included in the package are a battery charger, a controller and two batteries for additional flying time.  The drone can be operated for as long as seven minutes on each charged battery. Due to its small size it has the capacity to fly as fast as 31 miles per hour and takes a few seconds to reach top speed.  It has five speed modes so beginners should start at the lowest speed.

If an individual already knows how to fly a different drone like an aerial photography drone, and would like to get into racing, this is a good training drone to purchase.  There is a 6-axis gyro stability on the Holy Stone HS150. It can be flown in headless mode to be oriented based on the pilot wishes. With the push of a controller button, it automatically rolls and flips.


  • Various speeds
  • Super inexpensive
  • Does not require FAA registration as it only weighs 2.43 ounces


  • Does not have automatic altitude capability

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