Chris Pratt’s Body: Latest Transformation Secrets Revealed

Chris Pratt’s Body: Latest Transformation Secrets Revealed


Chris Pratt’s Body: Latest Transformation Secrets Revealed


Avengers actor, Chris Pratt infamously lost a whopping 60lb in just six months for his role in the Guardians of The Galaxy. However, the actor, who is frequently seen at America’s biggest sporting events, has recently shed even more weight by adopting the ‘Daniel Fast’, and it’s thought that his impending nuptials to Katherine Schwarzenegger could be pushing him to ditch the pounds. But, how has the 39-year-old dad turned his body and health around?

A never-ending circle

Chris Pratt’s new body has taken many years to achieve, and the actor isn’t afraid to admit that at times it has been tough. In 2011, he was refused a role in the movie Moneyball because he was “too fat”. This spurred him on to shed the pounds and, after losing 30lb, he was awarded the role. However, just two years later, Pratt’s weight ballooned to 280lb – the biggest he has ever been. This then resulted in him adopting a low-carb diet and undertaking intense triathlon training.

Dedicated to working out

Exercise has played a crucial part in Pratt’s new look. He says that during the first six weeks of his health kick, he lost 33lb and was running between five and six miles, five days per week. He strongly believes that physical activity and well-being are related, and states that when you “spend an hour a day doing something physical, you’ll feel better mentally, physically and spiritually, because it’s all tied together.”

Earlier this year, Chris encouraged his followers to motivate each other to get fit. “I’m asking you to do it with me and check in… Let’s do it and get through it, and we’ll feel good.” And, there’s no need to worry if you’re not a gym bunny, as it’s easy enough to workout in your own home. Cardio exercise is fundamental for weight loss, and there are many ways you can do this at home, including using specialist exercise equipment. And, as such equipment comes in a range of styles and designs which cater to people of all shapes and sizes, there’s no reason to stop yourself from working towards your Chris Pratt-inspired body.

Intermittent fasting

The actor took to Instagram at the start of the year to reveal that he was following the “Daniel Fast”. The Daniel Fast is a religious fast which lasts for 21 days and involves meditation, praying, and fasting. The diet is similar to a vegan one, and individuals are encouraged to consume plant-based foods only. Dietician Margarete Carneiro states that the Daniel Fast can encourage weight loss and overall health, with studies showing it can reduce blood pressure in individuals. As such, if you’re after a healthy body on the inside and out, then following the Daniel Fast like Chris Pratt could be beneficial.

Chris Pratt looks better than ever after losing a significant amount of weight in recent years. However, the Daniel Fast that he has recently followed has helped him to shape up even more, and best of all, it’s a diet that anyone can follow.

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