10 MLB disappointments so far in 2019

10 MLB disappointments so far in 2019

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10 MLB disappointments so far in 2019


Colorado Rockies

At the outset of this season, the Rockies appeared to be primed to make their third consecutive push toward the playoffs. While they’re only 4.5 games behind first place in the National League West, they haven’t helped themselves by getting off to the worst start in franchise history.

And once again, it’s the offense that’s been failing them. Position players have combined for -2.8 fWAR and a 43 wRC+, both the worst marks in baseball by a considerable margin. When we look at the fWAR leaderboard for qualified players, three Rockies hitters are among the bottom five (Charlie Blackmon, Ian Desmond, and Garrett Hampson). Heck, even Nolan Arenado is off to a rough start (0.2 fWAR and 81 wRC+ through 80 plate appearances).

FanGraphs gave the Rockies just a 16.0% chance of making the playoffs prior to the season started. With this terrible start factored in, those chances have cratered to 4.2% heading into Wednesday’s action.

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