10 MLB disappointments so far in 2019

10 MLB disappointments so far in 2019

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10 MLB disappointments so far in 2019


Brian Dozier, Washington Nationals

Last year was disappointing for Brian Dozier, especially after he was traded by the Minnesota Twins to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s hoping for a rebound in 2019 before heading back out to free agency this upcoming winter as a 32-year-old, but it’s not looking good through his first 50 plate appearances in DC.

The veteran second baseman has struggled mightily, and you know it’s bad when his dismal on-base percentage (.220) is higher than his slugging percentage (.217). Dozier has accounted for just one home run, one RBI, and five runs scored, and his 16 wRC+ is among the 15 worst when looking at hitters that have accumulated 40-plus plate appearances.

There are many contributing factors to this sluggish start, including a line-drive rate (6.3%), ground-ball rate (59.4%), soft-hit rate (28.1%), and hard-hit rate (31.3%) that are not even close to career norms.

Dozier’s top priority should be getting his performance against four-seamers back on track. He’s posted a 127 wRC+ or higher against that pitch each year since 2013, but that number is at -18 with a 13.1% swinging-strike rate and 60.0% ground-ball rate so far in 2019.

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