Travel Jamaica – Information on Jamaica Hotels and Traveling

Travel Jamaica – Information on Jamaica Hotels and Traveling


Travel Jamaica – Information on Jamaica Hotels and Traveling


Jamaica is a premier tourist destination. It is the place where visitors from all over the world flock to enjoy the unique unequaled Caribbean hospitality.

However, you are going to need the right information to make the right choices regarding your vacation in Jamaica. There are various places that you can get such information, and the Jamaica Tourist Board is among the most reliable.

Jamaica Tourist Board

Since its inception in 1955, the primary role of the Jamaica Tourist Board has been to market the country and make it competitive in the international market. It is the first point of contact for most people traveling to the Caribbean island.

Its aggressiveness in marketing Jamaica as a premier destination makes it one of the most reliable channels to get information. The timely and useful market information it provides is critical to the decision making process for visitors.

There is continual cooperation between the Jamaica Tourist Board, tour operators and airlines to make traveling so much simple for the visitors. It is their intervention, and the timely information they provide that makes Jamaica a favorite tourist destination.

Jamaica Tourist Board is also mandated to create and maintain a cordial relationship with the cruise ships companies. Every year, the number of cruise ships that dock on the shores of the Caribbean island is quite significant compared to that of the neighboring countries. It is the jewel of the Caribbean thanks to the Jamaica Tourist Board.

Jamaica Hotel Review

One of the best ways to learn about a country is from the locals. Jamaica Hotel Review is one of the top travel jamaica websites owned by Michael Rainford, a traveler and explorer of the island.

On his website Michael writes about the different things to do on the island. He also visits hotels, resorts and AirBnB’s which he the reviews in videos. It may be worth visiting the website for an insightful bite into Jamaica before you go.

Other sources of reliable information

Apart from the Jamaica Tourist Board, there are other places that you can acquire reliable information regarding Jamaica. Among them are top sites such as the trip advisor.

Trip advisor is just one of the many sites that provide information on various hotels and destinations. Even better, it allows visitors to make reviews of the various properties across Jamaica. People can share their experiences and rate it out of 5.

Other people can then access this information and help them decide where to visit Jamaica. It is a free market and the resorts or other properties that provide the best services get the most rave reviews and of course, more visits.

The accrued benefit of such sites is that they provide essential and reliable information that you need when traveling to the Caribbean island. The principle behind the success of such sites is to allow other travelers to share opinions and experiences. Of course, the most reliable information is from the ‘horse’s mouth.’ Who is better placed to talk about the experiences in Jamaica than the actual tourists?

The various government institutions like the CDC and the CIA world factbook are other reliable sources. You can get updated information on any health issues that need highlighting and the necessary precautions or actions that you should take.

On the other hand, the CIA world factbook is a central place that provides updated information on every country around the world. You can get summarized information on the Caribbean island and get a good picture of what to expect before you go to Jamaica.

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