LOOK: Cody Rhodes' 'Double Or Nothing' Opponent Revealed

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LOOK: Cody Rhodes' 'Double Or Nothing' Opponent Revealed

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LOOK: Cody Rhodes' 'Double Or Nothing' Opponent Revealed


Cody Rhodes’ opponent for the May 25 Double or Nothing event has been revealed. That opponent is none other than Cody’s brother, Dustin. The announcement was made on the April 20 edition of Being the Elite, ending months of speculation.

That speculation included AEW’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman, as well as Dean Ambrose, who is finishing up with WWE. Even Luke Harper’s name was mentioned as a possibility after the former Wyatt Family member recently revealed on Twitter that he asked for his WWE release.

But Cody decided to keep this in the family, giving the nod to his brother. Longtime WWE fans of course know Dustin as Goldust, one of the industry’s most bizarre and controversial characters of all time. However before Goldust, Dustin was “The Natural.”

The Natural broke into the business with Championship Westling From Florida in 1988. Dustin then went on to the NWA and later WWE, before returning down south to WCW, working alongside his and Cody’s legendary father, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

Dustin was indeed a natural, as he had his father’s intensity, athleticism and heart for the business.  Dustin fit right into the company and it was obvious that the Rhodes legacy was in good hands.

But when Dustin returned to WWE in 1995 as Goldust, everything changed. He turned the company upside down with his portrayal of the character and made his own unique mark on the industry in the process. Now the veteran and former WWE Superstar is on his way to All Elite Wrestling.

AEW’s Double or Nothing is the new promotion’s first official event and currently features six other matches, including The Young Bucks versus The Lucha Brothers and Kenny Omega versus Chris Jericho. AEW was founded by Cody and The Bucks and funded by Jacksonville Jaguars owner Tony Khan. The new company is expected to kick into full swing later in 2019, when it’s believed AEW will announce a weekly series on cable TV.

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