Why American Worship Their Football So Intensely

Why American Worship Their Football So Intensely


Why American Worship Their Football So Intensely


Football involves drugs, cheating, and intense violence, yet it is the number one sport in America. How or why? Nobody knew or ever know that football could be so captivating and entertaining for entire weekends if fall and winter months, but it still does.

Here are five valid reasons why Americans are so curious and passionate about football.

Boasts a Rich American History

Football is the national pastime and the NFL has been around for almost a hundred years. In fact, the NFL was born in 1920, so almost every American has grown up watching sports.

Allows Americans to Express Their Love for Their City

Football allows Americans to proudly showcase their love for their hometown or city. They dress up in their team’s colors and cheer them up on a home game.

Not only city but they also grow up being passionate about their high school and college football team by attending homecoming games and pep rallies, which is quite encouraging for students to express their love and pride for their school and college and their football teams.

A Predominantly American Sport

With an incredible level of patriotism, it makes total sense that America’s number one sport or national sport is played predominantly by Americans. While most sports vaunt an international world cup – the most prestigious event for any sport – the professionalism in football tournament is quite considerable just like there is for sports like soccer, which are played professionally and enjoyed in more than 100 countries.

An Opportunity for Socialization

Football is a great opportunity for Americans to socialize with their family members and friends. For example, many families and households often hold house parties where they invite their family members, friends, neighbors, and loved ones to enjoy delicious snacks like nachos, salsa, and chicken wings while they all watch a significant football game together. Even many groups of friend organize their tailgate parties before a home game.

Every American Has Grown Up Attending Family Home Games

One of the chief reasons, perhaps, American worship football intensely is that they grow up attending family home games and recall their family’s football tradition like dressing up in their home team’s uniform and buying popcorns and hot dogs with fondness.

The above article can be enough to chill your curiosity about knowing why American love their football so so much. These reasons can clearly validate why football is so popular in the USA and if you still don’t get it, it might worth attending a live game for yourself so you can get the whole idea of this intense love for a sport. So grab your live football tickets now and see how you cannot love this sport when the stadium is roaring in happiness.

If you were curious about why Americans seem so passionate about playing and watching football, hopefully after reading the above article, you now have a clearer understanding of why American football is so popular in the United States of America. If you still don’t understand American’s love for football, it might be well worth attending a live game for yourself!

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