76ers Phillies Hats & Caps

76ers Phillies Hats & Caps


76ers Phillies Hats & Caps


While sports fans are arguing or talking about which Philadelphian professional sports team is the most popular in the city, you are probably one of the fans that are looking for a hybrid logo of these teams. If you are eager to know which of them gained the highest fame, you better continue reading. And if you want a hybrid logo for your hats or caps, the more you should continue reading.

You are not reading this blog if you do not know what I mean. The famous Flyers, Eagles, Sixers, and Phillies of the sports world have always been the favorite topics of sports enthusiasts in the past years, especially on sports Forum and RSS Feed like Quora. Why? Still contemplating though, Well, first and foremost, Philadelphian are showing their patriotism by supporting all of their professional teams.

Apparently, fan exhibits their support through customization of almost anything from apparel to accessories. In fact, these hybrid logos are all over the print-on-demand industry. I have seen a poster of this hybrid logo on eBay and it is quite appealing. But the hybrid logos are more evident on hats and t-shirts.

Another reason is the performance of each team in their respective leagues. I will not go down in details, but fans knew the struggles and the roller coaster ride triumph and heartaches of each team. The most prominent intrigues and embarrassing sports performance statistics of the Phillies and Sixers was in 2015. When Sixers had a record of 17-69 and Phillies had the worst record in baseball (63-99).

Despite the past years’ stats, patriots and fans stayed loyal and supportive. And thanks to them, these teams are still fighting.

Going back to hybrid logos or 76ers Phillies combined logos, I would recommend some of my favorite websites. As promised, here are my lists:

Where to buy 76ers Phillies hats and caps online?


1. Hatsline

What I like about Hatsline is their straightforward software interface. I know you heard this website description every time companies advertise their websites or web pages, but I cannot find other words besides from clean. The web design, the color contrast and fonts are pleasing to the eye. I could find what I need abruptly.

Hatsline offer high-quality hats and caps fabrics. I love my New Era Los Santos hats. It is an ultimate comfy and durable baseball hats. They provide a variety of styles and designs. Let me enumerate them for you:



Most of the styles have embroidered hybrid logo, which are done tidily. But, they only offer free shipping if you order more than one; nevertheless, Hatsline does not require a minimum order for all their hats and caps. Moreover, they offer combined logo or hybrid Phillies hats at a very affordable price.

With their creative tools, I was able to upload the image of the Los Santos font style. Their creative tools help you create and customize your Hybrid logos, you could put your initials on your head wear.


2. Customon

Although I have not tried ordering with them online, I have read reviews and feedbacks about their products and services. Their customers relayed fast delivery experience and high-quality hats and caps.

Aside from hats and caps, they offer custom apparel and other accessories, also in a very low price. Customize your Phillies hats with them. You will find hybrid logo hats of Phillies, Eagles and 76ers.

Free shipping fee is implemented when you buy in bulk orders or more than one order.

3. Fans Edge

The online store for sports fanatic that sells jerseys, apparel, and accessories with leagues and team logos. They got NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, SOCCER, and famous Colleges sports leagues. You will find Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and 76ers hats. I can say they almost have comprehensive sportswear apparel; however, I cannot see a hybrid or combined logos of Phillies hats. You cannot customize them either.

4. Lids

If you are looking for an authentic headwear, I would recommend Lids. They offer an almost complete lists of sportswear league apparel, everything from NHL to NBA; they have similarities with Fans Edge. Also, beside from an online store, they have physical stores around the US.

Unfortunately, they do not offer customized items and apparel. Hybrid logos are not also available on their site.

5. Logosports

Like Hatsline, one of my favorite online stores that sell custom hats and caps, offers combined logos of Phillis, Eagles, and Flyers. The great deal is you can also customize them and choose the hat style that fits your taste of fashion.

Logosports has creative tool which you can personalize your best-loved Phillies, 76ers, Eagles and Flyers.

There are plenty of online stores that sell authentic or customized Phillies hats and some embroidered them with all the combination of the four league logos and some have single logos. Authentic or not, it is always essential to check the quality of products and services, as well as the products prices.



Which is the most popular sports team in the city of Philadelphia?


Qualified participants of this discussion, mostly sports fanatic in Philadelphia, have agreed or the majority of them stated and voted Eagles should be on the top of the most popular sports team in Philadelphia. According to these legit fanatics, the Eagles has been performing victoriously in the past three years. They appeared in the Super Bowl three times now and won the last one.

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